These days, I am polishing up my Mandarin. I finally can say volunteer in Mandarin. Yik kung. Yay! And Catholic is ‘tien chu chiau’. Tiok, boh? How to say faith ah? Sing li means what?

I have always been able to speak Mandarin and Cantonese because I learnt them from my nieces and nephews when they were learning to talk. When I was working, I could even bluffed my way through with mainland Chinese taukehs. However, 10 years of being holed up at home with only kids to talk to, I lost the flexibility or the courage to speak these two languages. The brain and tongue rusted.

Circumstances put me into people who do not speak Hokkien, Bahasa Malaysia or English. So, like it or not, I have to converse in Mandarin and Cantonese with the Perakians. And I made it! I forgot how to say cancer but I know when I heard it. Pau sien is insurance. And ‘Chuey chong yau te, xi xing li chien khang’ (most important is body is healthy). Tiok, boh?

Nun is what again?

So, these days, I listen to lots of Mandarin songs. Damn, they are so soppy, can get toothache. But Michael Wong and Nicholas Teo boleh tahan lah.

Cantonese is easier because there is Jackie Cheung and Assthrow.

Ahh…The 5xmom, multilingual, multitasking, multiblogging and multreligious….superhuman.