I think I will go crazy if I cannot talk to myself in my own blogs. But that’s what someone told me. If I choose to do what I am planning to do, there may be no time for me to do any ‘online work’.

I asked her if the thing I am going to do will leave me a little time each day to ‘work on my online things’. She said most probably not because I will be so busy with many things.

I told her that my family currently depends on my income as I need the ‘babysitter’ to sit on the babies at home while I meddle with something I am passionate with. Otherwise, my ‘babysitter’ will go bring the bread and butter home and leave me rotting at home to babysit.

So, I don’t know lah….I am going ahead with it. Cannot blog, die also boh pien. I made up my mind so I will find a way to go around it. Maybe I will steal 1-2 hours of my sleeping hours to do it. But she said, “You will be on call, even at nights.” Alamak! If I cannot ‘talk to myself through my blog’, I wonder if I can survive three months without them?

On second thought, probably the person doesn’t know me. The me who can type like lightning, think faster than most, efficient like hell, multitasking expert and can crap like kena major diarrhea. The positive light is another person in Penang told me that I need to type a lot of things as assignment. Aha…did she say type? Now, that is different. I can always curi the time to talk to myself on my blogs in between working on assignments.

After all, Singapore broadband is very fast, hor?

Anyone can tell me what’s the average rental of a one room cheap-cheap flat in Thompson Mt. Alvernia Hospital area? Short term only, 3 months. The kind where I won’t get murdered, robbed and maimed and yet, not posh posh. If got contact, can either give me here or mail me, please? Just planning, nothing constructive yet. Must work on budget first.