Do you know what is the world most dangerous sex?

The one which you screw a blogger and she blogged about it.

And if that is not enough, she ping-ed to the world to know about it.

Now, everyone knows this mid 20s guy screwed a 30 yrs old woman and the girlfriend of the guy is totally pissed.

To the 30 yrs old woman, please take it from me. You can either call me jie-jie or aunty or busybody. No dick is worth wasting your self-dignity, self-respect and heart and soul over it. Just keep your private affairs, private. Blogging and getting your post ping-ed on PPS will not help anyone. Ultimately, you have to face your own demons.

The girlfriend has every right to be angry with you but having a bitch fight on both your blogs for the rest of us to enjoy, well, that’s kind of sad. Really. We love to see it going on but…….. Take the suggestion to find a shrink. I know a depressed person when I see one. Don’t self-destruct further, no coconuts are worth it.

And don’t forget there is Jesus. May you find peace.