World most dangerous sex

Do you know what is the world most dangerous sex?

The one which you screw a blogger and she blogged about it.

And if that is not enough, she ping-ed to the world to know about it.

Now, everyone knows this mid 20s guy screwed a 30 yrs old woman and the girlfriend of the guy is totally pissed.

To the 30 yrs old woman, please take it from me. You can either call me jie-jie or aunty or busybody. No dick is worth wasting your self-dignity, self-respect and heart and soul over it. Just keep your private affairs, private. Blogging and getting your post ping-ed on PPS will not help anyone. Ultimately, you have to face your own demons.

The girlfriend has every right to be angry with you but having a bitch fight on both your blogs for the rest of us to enjoy, well, that’s kind of sad. Really. We love to see it going on but…….. Take the suggestion to find a shrink. I know a depressed person when I see one. Don’t self-destruct further, no coconuts are worth it.

And don’t forget there is Jesus. May you find peace.

32 thoughts on “World most dangerous sex

  1. how come i couldn’t find the post where she said they ahem ahem ah? but if it’s true then she’s one demented person. screwing a blogger is really dangerous hor? LOL

  2. sooi2 – Actually, I also dunno whether got ahem ahem but since I saw the title of her post on PPS this morning, I assume lah. The latest post, lagi chialat. Faster go read…

  3. zewt – Now, ‘coconut tree’ is being blogged worrr….You say sei for or no sei for? I didn’t know women can go that low to bitch fight. When I posted this post, I didn’t read it until I have posted. Looks like no damage control can help.

  4. Kiss and tell, blogsphere style. Woo Hoo! Bitch fight over an overweight coconut.

    That 30+ woman where got self-dignity, self-respect and heart and soul lah. Same goes for the coconut. Such a disgrace!

  5. Snake Terence – When I grow up, I want to be a saint. So I believe she is depressed and not seeing things the way it is lor. But whether she even read this post or not, her own doing lah. But she dem clever to hit where it hurts most. LOL. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw she posted “Loving girlfriends do not complain about the condition of their boyfriend’s penises, bitch about his inferior genetics and disclose personal details of his family’s financial information to people that they have just met for two hours.” One stone hit the coconut tree and the bird and provide good drama for the blogosphere. We are sick of Saifool so this is something fresh.

    kadusmama – Good lah, don’t know better…..*check yr fastmail plz*

  6. i have 30min to spare so i pun kepo n go n see

    what can i say? immaturity….. I lost track even by reading the postings. Who’s who? This things happen all the time.

    these ppl would one day regret what they have said.

    actually, I wasted my 10min searching and reading those postings so dun follow me.

    JTs last blog post..yummy

  7. Let the fur or hair fly… Cat fights on cyberspace… Hmmmm…

    Nothing much to see liao.. This should be “interesting”… not… 😛 (sorry-la, I’m confused)

    I’m confused over who is what and etc… Wow.. Astro on Demand.. on Blogosphere!!

  8. kadusmama – 🙂

    angie – Aiyor, you dunno head or tail issit?

    hyperx – Now I wonder if it is her own doing or someone else cheeky go and ping. Whatever it is, why blog it hor.

    JT – You sure you found the right blogs or not? You so kepoh meh?

    Snake Terence – Choy, don’t speculate.

    Bryan – Dunno leh, the world is not fair wan, the male will get away, the females always lose out.

  9. Haiya… this thing is a sooner or later one. I met one of them before in a shopping complex and wuek…. she is so childish. I wonder why the coconut can fall for her, and he is now coconutless. hahaha… Oh yes… that coconut gf always go for the popular one. So, I think she is not really into this relationship. I know one of her ex-bf and he also said the same thing about her.

  10. wah.. i saw a blog which been posted by someone who dig up dy’s stuff.. hilarious.. she’s dreading for fame so badly and she the way did it is just so wrong.. and now every arrows that she shot at others is pointing back to her.. lol

  11. i think i have read the right blog… it’s like a fruits stall, coconut this, peach that, totally put me off my favourite drink (coconut), i once drank 3 big fresh coconut and ate all the ‘meat’ raw and ended up ….. ‘boom’ but tht’s another story.

    me so ke poh? i am surprise too, i better stop coming to your blog. u such bad influence. We ‘hard core real muscle man’ where got time for these…. ah pek like me better stick to ‘Dallas’, ‘Dynasty’ and perhaps join my MIL and watch ‘Murder she wrote’ and ‘Inspector Morse’ until I slit my wrist!

    JTs last blog post..yummy

  12. It’s shocking to see people airing their dirty laundry lidat. I was shocked to see the title she pinged, had to do a double take!
    Well, what goes around, comes around.

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