Reminder : Don’t bump into hungry ghosts tonight hor?

hungry ghost festival, god of hades

Remember hor, this evening, the hungry ghosts will be prowling, let off from their netherworld….

So, be careful wor.

Drive carefully.

Don’t simply talk nonsense.

Hungry Ghost

If you need to pee everywhere, remember to say, “Excuse me…siam tampok, wa ai pang jio”. Otherwise, if tomorow you wake up and your kkc all bengkak, you know what happen lah.

Do you believe in hungry ghosts? Don’t say you don’t believe. Otherwise, they show themselves to you, baru tau.

*cackles like a witch*

More about Hungry ghost festival and a Bahasa Malaysia explanation on Perayaan Hantu Lapar

22 thoughts on “Reminder : Don’t bump into hungry ghosts tonight hor?

  1. Dont play play. Believe it or not but i for one will never take the risk. Think before i want to talk, really never talk nonsense if in any Por tor or koh tai area. I am going to lie low this month a good way to save money-no holiday. you guys at Penang is so lucky to have so many Koh Tais and por tor to attend. At JB it is not as many in Penang and also you guys can also attend DSAI ceramah at P. Pauh. Very exciting and shiok in Penang.

  2. Sexy *NOT!* girls in hot pants dancing on stage. Uwek!!!

    Sure increase in business in my industry. Something we cannot explain.

  3. Hello Lilian – many many years back, I told a friend (new acquaintance) that every year , in the month of July (hungry ghosts month) I will be home by 6 pm and no night life. And I do not go ronda-ronda in case “bump” into the “invisible” .. .. and she believed in it and through out the month, I did not received any calls or invitations for dinner or disco .. and yesterday my mum reminded , “be sure to be home by 12 am (midnight) ya ” …. but the problem is , Kor Tai only ends at 12 am (sharp) … so how to be home by 12 am???

  4. digusted – Hahaha, you go watch kor tai meh? But nowadays ker tai sexy girls really ‘chio’ wan. The men all see till lau nua.

    9pek9bo – Chit guet they got to eat buah rambai only. Today market sell so many buah rambai, for tonight to throw on the streets.

    BBH – Ask for number lah. Remember to call them ‘ho hiah tee’ (good brother) and ask lah.

    choonie – Statistics in hospital hor….whether believe or not hor, got more deaths wan ler…The ship arrive mah..Nay, the cruise ship.

    shun2u – No jungle, no sea also hor?

    Snake Terence – I better go find my big big cross pendant and hang on my neck. Hahaha.

  5. choonie – Where are you lah? In school somemore? Your school mission school? Later the Brothers come kacau you lerrrr….

    kiki – Wuah, siam tay lagi dahsyat. Siam kong thau very hiong mah.

  6. Thanks for reminding…no wonder just now i saw the huge stage erected in the padang here – i thot they were going to have a durian fair there! I thot must stay home at night only – why cannot simply talk nonsense ah? So cannot rant in my blog also?

    Raynebows last blog post..I Dunno

  7. Hmmmm… That time of year again.. No wonder everyone lari from the office – everybody don’t want to work OT-ler.

    Anyway, don’t think that there are many of those kind of shows in PJ, rite?

    Angie Tans last blog post..Bored….

  8. eer.. i tot u r a christian, no? where did jesus mention abt ghost in bible ah? pendant? what abt chain of garlics, chillis….. even better, durians will def. 100% scare not just hungry ghosts, but also ang mor kui!

    too bad, no kor tai here. i tell u 1 incident, went to a kor tai 1 night 2 yrs ago and watched the tau hee, guess wat i heard behind me, one ah pek trying to solicit prostitution with 2 gals…negotiating prices, I couldnt concentrate the tau hee, was so annoyed, did think of telling them togo away.

    JTs last blog post..yummy

  9. JT – I multi-religious wannn….Today, I tok Christian, tomorrow I tok sembahyang hantu, day after tomolo, I follow new age. This one is call faith lorrr…

    Angie – Over here, almost every housing estate has a community prayers. They donate rice, oil, bee hoon, dry food stuffs for offerings and then, give away to the poor. Of course, I tak masuk campur lah…

  10. Hah, you see!!! 10 tonnes lorry crashes into 7 vehicles and killing 2. This happened on the 1st day of the Hungry Ghost month.

    If I didnt recall wrongly, a major road accident also occurred on the 1st day of the Hungry Ghost month last year.

    Call them coincidences. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!! *cues X Files tune*

  11. Snake Terence – If I am not mistaken, it was the bus accident, right? *increase volume of Twilight Zone, drowning X File tune*

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