A Chinese newspaper interviewed me yesterday. This is the first time I allowed one to one interview. Normally, I dictate what I want to say because I am awfully paranoid of being misquoted. But since it is a paper in Mandarin, I suppose they can misquote all they want and I won’t know about it.

One of the question the reporter asked is where do I find inspiration to blog? I told her I can write about anything, anytime.

hut in chew jetty

The above is the row of small wooden huts perched on stilts over silts. During hot afternoons, the smell of the mud enveloped the whole house, I suppose. When I was heading towards the Chew Jetty (before I bumped into my idol), some town folks were mumbling, “Yerr…kom chau geh…” (so smelly) Niamah, stop complaining and go back to your aircond home lah. These folks here have to live in such condition all their lives, for generations, ok? I know because I used to work in Leader Cable (now Da Ma Cai office) and I walked from my office to the jetty when I was living in Butterworth.

old broken home

The newspaper is a pro-DAP if I am correct. Well, at least during the elections, when there is a ceramah, the politicians will get a copy and read. What paper ah? Wait when the article comes out, you will know lah.

So, the reporter asked me to bring my barang-barang for the interview. Like what gadgets do I use? Initially I wanted to bring a working laptop, Acer. But hor, my Acer keyboard rosak-ed and at home, I use an external keyboard. Moreover, it is super fugly. So, in the end, I become poser and brought my dead – Vaio sucks – pink lappie. After all, the laptop is for posing mah.

I also brought my Nikon with the 18-200mm VR lens. Almost RM5K there, wei. Lansi nyerrr….Hahaha. The reporter brought a photographer along and can you imagine how damn embarrassing to be sitting in a public place with a lengjai photographer snapping away while I talked? Somemore, he asked me to pose with my Sony P1 handphone. Adoi…I hope they don’t put any photos like that. Later people think I am Sony and Nikon spokesperson. Tiu, I hate hate hate Sony Vaio for dying on me within one year.

old broken shop house

Don’t remind me the building looks senget. I know ah, I lazy to straighten jek. But I wonder during the heydays in the 50s, was this place a prostitutes den? I wonder if any of your grandpas walked through the door to find some chicks for hire? You know….Rose Chan ruled then? No, Rose Chan is not my blood relative.

And hor, the sweet, young reporter must be initially scared when her editor assigned her to interview me. She read that I am very obnoxious. What you call obnoxious in Mandarin ah? In Hokkien, I think it is ‘si peh seh mor, si peh lansi, si peh chiak, si peh kwai lan, si peh ork keh boh?’

Tiok boh?

But hor, she confessed that she is glad I am not like what my blog portrayed. Of course lah, I am the nicest person everr…Ya hor, she also read that I am the CM #1 fansee. Hahaha, I hope she put it in big, bold font, “Here is the interview with CM #1 fan” Then, I will buy her coffee. Or maybe not. Later, I kena sue by the wife for stalking. She is a lawyer lerr…

See? I don’t need inspiration to blog. The words are all in my mind, all the time. I can jump from topic to topic.

So, what’s your inspiration to blog?