It is a beautiful morning. I am not wearing my contact lenses or spectacles. I have a plate of lontong on the table. The lontong is flavoured with lots of chillies, ikan bilis, fried tempe (yang awet muda muka Khir Toyo tuuuuu) and coconut milk gravy.

I turn the pages of The Star. I put one of my leg up on the chair…You know…the kind of sitting posture that will get your mom to whack your head from behind if she sees it? But hey, I am the mommy! I can sit whichever way I want. I make the rules. I don’t have to worry that no man will want to marry me because my knees are on the same level with the table. I am married!

So, I have an almost fatal experience. The crispy ikan bilis nearly shot through my nostrils. The tempe once soaked in the santan gravy, almost choked me.


LUSAKA (Zambia): Three months from now, Malaysians will be able to buy the i-Dola laptop and Jean-i personal computer (PC) at basement prices.

Mimos is now ready to licence the production of the Malaysian computer codenamed Mak Cik, which it took two years to develop. The laptop and PC are named after the Prime Minister and his wife.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the laptop would cost RM1,000, and the PC RM500.

“I have tested the computers and am happy with their performance,” said Dr Ongkili, who was here to attend the Global Southern Africa International Dialogue.

“They are wireless, Internet-based designs and need not be connected to fixed lines. To reduce costs, they do not have hard discs. You use a thumb drive instead.”

It is understood that the i-Dola and Jean-i will be as fast as computers using Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Harlowww!!!! I do not need Pak Lah on my lap, lah woi! And neither the men want a female version on theirs.

But the ultimate insult…..

He said the computers are targeted at students, businesses and housewives.

(source : Star)

Niamah. iTulan. iNo Money to buy a new laptop yet but iCertainly won’t lug around Pak Lah with me. iWas thinking of getting a MacBook yesterday, the lowest version going for RM3.5K. But cannot decide if iWant to become a true Mac fan yet.

KNN, tell me which country in the world names their computer after their political leaders’ names? iBush, iBlair……(sorry, I do not know other countries leaders’ names)

Wakakakaka…..i-Dola – The computer that is in permanent SLEEP and HIBERNATE mode.

Malaysiakini said Pak Lah’s popularity hits new low.  Basement already, lower masuk 6 feet under.