Siapa nak beli komputer i-Dola dan Jean-i?

It is a beautiful morning. I am not wearing my contact lenses or spectacles. I have a plate of lontong on the table. The lontong is flavoured with lots of chillies, ikan bilis, fried tempe (yang awet muda muka Khir Toyo tuuuuu) and coconut milk gravy.

I turn the pages of The Star. I put one of my leg up on the chair…You know…the kind of sitting posture that will get your mom to whack your head from behind if she sees it? But hey, I am the mommy! I can sit whichever way I want. I make the rules. I don’t have to worry that no man will want to marry me because my knees are on the same level with the table. I am married!

So, I have an almost fatal experience. The crispy ikan bilis nearly shot through my nostrils. The tempe once soaked in the santan gravy, almost choked me.


LUSAKA (Zambia): Three months from now, Malaysians will be able to buy the i-Dola laptop and Jean-i personal computer (PC) at basement prices.

Mimos is now ready to licence the production of the Malaysian computer codenamed Mak Cik, which it took two years to develop. The laptop and PC are named after the Prime Minister and his wife.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the laptop would cost RM1,000, and the PC RM500.

“I have tested the computers and am happy with their performance,” said Dr Ongkili, who was here to attend the Global Southern Africa International Dialogue.

“They are wireless, Internet-based designs and need not be connected to fixed lines. To reduce costs, they do not have hard discs. You use a thumb drive instead.”

It is understood that the i-Dola and Jean-i will be as fast as computers using Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Harlowww!!!! I do not need Pak Lah on my lap, lah woi! And neither the men want a female version on theirs.

But the ultimate insult…..

He said the computers are targeted at students, businesses and housewives.

(source : Star)

Niamah. iTulan. iNo Money to buy a new laptop yet but iCertainly won’t lug around Pak Lah with me. iWas thinking of getting a MacBook yesterday, the lowest version going for RM3.5K. But cannot decide if iWant to become a true Mac fan yet.

KNN, tell me which country in the world names their computer after their political leaders’ names? iBush, iBlair……(sorry, I do not know other countries leaders’ names)

Wakakakaka…..i-Dola – The computer that is in permanent SLEEP and HIBERNATE mode.

Malaysiakini said Pak Lah’s popularity hits new low.  Basement already, lower masuk 6 feet under.

55 thoughts on “Siapa nak beli komputer i-Dola dan Jean-i?

  1. well in this country most of the politicians that running the government are been educated to be iGimmick so that they could iGosok their iBodoh bosses that felt iAngguh about someone using their names for some PC/notebooks.

    let’s not be careful that Apple might come to chase off your ass and sue this Mimos iBodek boss that uses the name of iWhatsoever.

    iAmPissed, signed.

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  2. Yucks…Pak Lah on your lap…that is just SO wrong!!!

    Just imagine the potential for slogans like these:

    “Want to have the PM and wife close to you? Get i-Dola and Jean-i for a wonderful threesome!”

    “Want a lap dance? Make the PM and his wife do it for you by getting i-Dola and Jean-i”


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  3. i-dola and jean-i?

    hmm…so what’s the fuss?.if dont want those laptop,dont buy la.why makes so much noise over it.

  4. what’s happening to this country. Full of por lampah kaki, kanasai, even computer also wanna put their names. Fcuk off. i wont buy it even it cost 500 for laptop or 250 for the pc. who can trust these products?

  5. RM500 laptop as fast as a Pentium 4 processor? Is this another attempt to fool the Malaysian public ah? Even the cheapest mini notebook ala Eeepc costs in excess of RM1000.

    And really, even if I am the PM of this country, I would never have allowed any of these things to use my name or bear any connection to my name. Talk about humility! Our PM and wife betul betul thick-skinned! And please spare us your “I did not ask for the name. They (designers) want to use, so, I allow lor”.

  6. Wuah, I go watch The Naked Chef, come back got so many comments.

    tennese – Nak bodek issit? Go do your bodek-ing lah, we wanna make noise, apa kena-mengena dengan you? We are the consumers, ok?

  7. haiyo.sapa yang maw bodek.suka hati you’s your voice is nothing,right? :).we are the consumers but we can choose of the thing we wanna consume.

  8. choonie – When we want to shut down, the options are, Maybe, Maybe not,Mungkin esok,Tak pasti instead of yes or no.

    pablopabla – Yalor….Previous PM, at least they name some flowers only. This one computer worrr….Very ego lah.

    bryan – Hahaha, I cannot imagine computer with no hard disk to store things.

    foong – I don’t know why lah they go name it that way. And the project call Mak Cik. Alamak…

    blink4blog – And iBet they are going to pump in lots of taxpayers’ money and give it a fake ‘world best and cheapest PC’.

  9. MG – Sometimes, refuse to load ‘cos Mak Cik PMS. Hahaha.

    ray111 – Yalor, not like Pak Lah is the Father of Technology or something.

  10. iRasa Pak Lala, his wife and the ongkilili guy has no iDea at all whatsoever why people like us want to buy laptop or pc. iDoubted the performance of these computer rubbish which has no hard disk.

  11. fark me! i-dola, jean-i.. who’s the knob head tht came up with the names…..yeah, the second gen wil be called i-najib, may be they should release a supplementary cd drive call i-drive-altantuya?

    ‘they are wireless, no need to connect to a fixed line…’

    eer…. dongkoi, tht’s what we call wifi! since when he bcame a pc reviewer?
    use thumbdrive? excellent, we now have 1 more way to lose our data!
    pc/laptop prices are coming down all the time, it may be cheap by comparison, but is it gonna be like the perdana, cheap to buy, cost a fortune to maintain.

    JTs last blog post..yummy

  12. iCheap, no one to buy? Then got to sell at $100..$80..$60.
    I wanna know, how low do you buy it? For me, FOC lah, wahaha, then tear down the brand name, change to iCheap. Creative mah

  13. dont worry wat happened to m-mobile, will die a natural’s just another shiok sendiri thing..

  14. AHAHAHAHA I almost choked.

    Codenamed “MAK CIK”????????????????????????
    Mak Cik???????????????????

    i-Dola??????????????????????! i-Dola! WTF!!! Jean-i!!!!

    Which stupid genius came up with the names?? Seriously, you have to be really be fucked in the head and really, really, really (let me add another really), really clueless.

    Is there an Epal logo on it??????

    This is the best post in a long time. iTulan. WHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    *falls off the chair in a spasm*

    *thinks of way to not admit I’m Malaysian when being asked about the i-Dola*

  15. Our PM and current first lady is at basement price… wow…

    Well, it is basement price because, as all of you know – all it does is sleep. Watch out for the new I-Dola Virus, (sounds like ebola doesn’t it?) it makes your PC sleeps… And when it is connected to the internet, it will only work if the server i-K is running on the 4th floor 🙂

    In time to come, ACA will have to probe why it costs the Government millions of ringgit to maintain such a cheap product as opposed to branded ones. Trengganu will then swtich over to Macs because it has higher resale and cheaper to maintain…. Selangor and Perak will look into HP as they are more hardy… sigh.

  16. “The computers require broadband access and I have told the relevant bodies to speed up the roll-out of broadband coverage,” Dr Ongkili said

    so if i-dola is nt released, the rest of the broadband users continue to use the snail-paced broadband lah, Niamah leh! it’s like shit tht came out off his mouth.

    OPEN UP broadband market to other competitors, i guarantee u see changes in 6 months tht would outpace what u have seen in the last 6 yrs.

    JTs last blog post..yummy

  17. looking at these i-savvy generation, mr ongkili, i-think better ask whoever was stupid enough to invest money in such a silly-named venture to completely abandon such a project or maybe just ship them out to africa..

  18. IMAGINE. i-Dolah for me to use, half way using ………………….tertidur and wake that time, catch nothing liau. Tiu lor. They got no other name to put kah? At least i-Rahman pun lagi bagus. for i-Dolah lagi mau beli thumb drive. Woi! How many thumb drive I must carry liau. People are moving to canggih world but tak lar sampai canggih ini. Ini bukan canggih namanya. Lilian, I got an idea liau. Get the government to change all their pc and laptop to this lor, jimat mah rite boh? See what they will say later. Will they comment like how they want to change the Perdana to Merds? Let them be the white rat lar. We are not bodoh sampai like tat. Sipeh beh tahan sama this bunch of clowns. Yes! I call them clowns. Coz they make all of us have a good laugh mah………… hahahaha………….

    Erina Laws last blog post..Yummy Noodle

  19. Rm1k: No hard disk, no mouse, no OS, ……. Everything also dont have one. Wireless means no power cables also, runs on AAA batteries. Er, what is Pentium 4 lah? Bwahahaha!!!

    I agree with you. Who the fark name their products after the PM lah!!!!!! Damn bodek lah these farkers. Luckily Tun’s time dont have these nonsense. If not the rakyat will be driving Proton Chedet(s) and Perodua Hasmah(s). NIAMAH!!!

  20. This is so unwise. No HD an Pentium IV? Obsolete… I think there’s no point manufacturing something there’s no demand for…


  21. LOLOLOLOL, I went out since 2 pm (and come back at 10 pm) and all the above comments made me laff till fall off chair. Muahahaharr…I cannot stop laffing. *try to breath before turning blue*

  22. “To reduce costs, they do not have hard discs. You use a thumb drive instead.”
    my max thumb drive size is 2gb T_T

  23. erm…no matter how u kira the cost….1k laptop with an original windows XP…..kinda ridiculous ler. wat kind of hardware ?!?!

    and to be honest…why mst our leaders be soooooooo “eksen” or “show off” type? why cant they jst give a proper brand name rather than using their own name? -_- aih

  24. iThink the main consumers after the roll out, these so-called basement priced laptops would be pushed to unsuspecting kampung schools by the Education department and Mimos. In the hopes of, by providing such inaptly named laptops, they are leaving a legacy to be remembered – bollocks! Then you read in the MSM, a local company will have gotten the tender to supply these to the aforesaid schools. How many times we’ve been reading that crap, all these years.

    Geralds last blog post..An evening at the park

  25. iThink it’s either both of the i’s are so i-Bin (please pronounce Bin in hokkien..hahaha) or they just really name it to bodek.. cuz i-Dola (idola) in bm means idol (just another phrase that they “pinjam” from english).. geez.. what’s happening in malaysia nowadays.. in my state, even the name of the general hospital, and ridiculously a hall of a uni that doesnt even have anything to do with the “queen” has been changed into her name..

  26. Ms Lilian, Mac Book is great, I just bought it 3 days ago, 2.4ghz, white color,2Gb ram, 160 gb hdd. I got lubang to get RM4400, but no free laptop bag and others accessories. you can contact me if you wanna get cheap RM200 MacBook, any color, I know that supplier, damn cheap and reliable. I can see my email, so contact me for that. 🙂

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  27. Ha, ha, ha now you can picik picik the PM and his wife… angry can whack them somemore.

    Specially design for you somemore woh(housewife)!

    I bet it will be a damn slow machine, you know Lah Lah always Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz one.

    I wonder who’s bright idea this is??? I guess Dr.M has his Proton, Pak Lah have his i-Dola loh

  28. zewt – I wonder how much taxpayers money will be used to service and repair these idiotla PC when they use it?

    David – The name is idiotla, not idola. LOL. It is crazy to think that thumbdrive can be used. It is not even enough to store my photos taken from one photo session.

    toolan – Yalor, I wonder whose bodek idea it is.

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