Being the good mummy, I tagged along to watch The Mummy eventhough I only watched Mummy I and never bother with Mummy Returns. Brendan Fraser is never my type. Give me Harrison Ford anytime.

Michelle Yeoh is old and haggard. Jet Li cannot fit into the evil emperor’s role. His face is just too babyish to be a villian. The appearance of the three Yetis are unreal. The fireworks are so corny. All in, all blek.

But being good a mummy, I followed along for the popcorn and coke. I wish I can sneak in to another cinema and watch “Sex and the City”. Or maybe I should, one of these days. Has anyone watched Sex and the City? When I was in Singapore, I wanted to watch it with my niece but it was quite late and we were too tired from shopping.

It is funny how women age. No amount of facelift or Ferrari billionaire can hold back the years. Sigh…when I see Michelle Yeoh and then, I look through my own photos, I suppose we are all humans. We age. Happy!