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According to Malaysiakini, Saiful blogs too.

Semua orang pun ada blog. Blogspot Saiful ada kat mana?

It is irrelevant. This is just the SEO queen working for the good of “Demi Allah, Agama, Bangsa dan Negara”. Yeah, that’s the title of mohdsaifulbukhari.blogspot.

Nay, there is nothing saucy there…..Saiful blog only has three posts. When there is something interesting on Saiful blog, I will keep you kepohchees updated, ok?

blog saiful

Muahahaharr…my SEO sipeh kerng….*laffs till fall off chair*

15 thoughts on “Blog Saiful

  1. Bryan – Kam siah….Morons still think my blog belongs to :
    Pak Lah
    Khir Toyo
    Muhamad Muhd Taib
    Ali Rustam
    PLKN 2009

    Can see the comments on the sidebar on the questions they have for them. DOH! BO?

  2. this saiFOOL guy ah, purposely set up blog to convince we all he kena sotomee is it? stupidFOOL lah he, he set up what also, people make up mind already lohhhh .. and also, his story ah always changing and now lagi shiok. there is another guy involve worrr … in that room 619 Concorde Hotel .. wahhh, more controversy now. I find the whole accusation damn weird loh … how come sotomee sooo many times than only he go Pusrawi? after Pusrawi, go make police report right? but it was actually a saturday and the time he report, pondok sudah tutup lah. I cannot get over the fact that DSAI with bad back and 60 years old some more can sotomee such a big, healthy guy loh. Tak masuk akal lah. his connection with BN people also damn questionable leh. somemore, his auntie Pet ah .. aiyo, sure its DSAI and not his auntie Pet? the auntie ah, if you see the video of him ah .. full of lies, lies, LIES coz ah, people whom lie ah, their eyes will move to the right side one when answering question. his body language give way already.

    I damn beh tahan this SaiFOOL guy, hope he ROT in hell. Lilian, thank you for putting this story up .. am sure a lot of us will go and visit his blog and go put some “positive” comment there. lol.

    Liannes last blog post..Stir Fry Lala with Sambal Sauce

  3. Wahai Saiful,

    Tahniah sebab sudah ada blog sekarang. Saya cadangkan anda belajar dari 5X Mom, Permaisuri SEO. Tetapi saya mesti tanya anda – mengapa awak tersangat bangga kena liwat, malah melibatkan Allah, agama, bangsa and negara?

    Adakah semua orang patut diliwat supaya boleh membuat sesuatu untuk Allah, agama dll?

    Saya rasa, di seluruh dunia, tiada satu pun orang yang begitu bangga diliwat/dirogol/dicabul seperti anda sehingga tak terhenti-henti menonjolkan diri sendiri.

    Tiada siapapun saya rasa yang berjumpa dengan DPM/Menteri Pertahanan untuk biasiswa. Malah mereka akan rasa sangat bertuah jika dapat bersemuka dengan Menteri Pendidikan. Powerlah awak, begitu banyak contact hingga boleh jumpa DPM. Bolehkah tolong saya berjumpa dengan Menteri Luar Negeri? Saya nak tanya tentang penanaman jagung di Kepong. Bolehkah tolong saya jumpa dengan Menteri Pendidikan juga? Saya nak tanya tentang road tax saya. Terakhir, nak jumpa dengan Permaisuri SEO 5X Mom lah. Nak tanya tentang bagaimana membela hamster.

    Trima kasi,

  4. this guy knows no shame….

    now he will blog about how his ass is being plundered and made into a celebrity.

    and to top it off….

    he still has that stupid grin.

    beh hiao pai sei ONE

  5. The media mentioned that Saiful blogs too.. just wonder what’s the blog address only.. now all of us know!! Really kudos to Lilian for telling us.

    We don’t know where this fellow, Saiful is from, however I’d like to have my two cents worth here. Majority of the Malaysians do not believe in those allegations. And also because of this, our country has been put to shame at the international front. Things aren’t just as simple as an allegation of sodomy, this high profile case can wreck our country! Have we got nothing better to do?

    Since Saiful claimed that he has been sodomised 8 times, this raised a lot of questions. Being sodomised once is BAD enough, he should have reported the case. But why 8 times? I think it’s exaggerated. In the first place, I don’t believe such an incident would happen. Speaking about the Burmese doctor who conducted medical examination on Saiful, he “rose” to stardom just because of this high profile incident. The fame is just unasked for, unwanted. He’d rather live as a normal doctor, not having eyes set on him for some not-so-good cause.

    A by-election at Permatang Pauh is taking place, at the same time the government want to charge Anwar for the sodomy case. What is there to be charged in court? Our PM has said that each will take its course. Where does the evidence comes from? Fabricated evidence like 10 years ago? As long as allegations exist, regardless whether they’re true or not, AG and IGP are no longer fit for their job, as these allegations shouldn’
    t be there in the first place. Creditability of the judiciary has dropped to a low, is our current judiciary fit to conduct trials following the judiciary crisis 20 years ago? If there’s nothing, then drop the charges! I do not want to see parallel development of the incidents, it’s not fair for both Anwar and all of us alike.

    All of us are sick and tired of the drama. Public confidence is free-falling day by day, why don’t look into ways to improve government’s image instead of spinning us with stories?

    boon khengs last blog post..Afterglow 2008

  6. alahai Si SeFOOL
    nape ko bangga sangat bila orang liwat ko.kok GAY KE?????dah tersebar gambar ko yang berjumpa dengan DPM, menteri kabinet.yang menteri kabinet plak nak cover ko le.pura-pura tak konal ko.walhal dorang konal ko.aku rase ko pun dah kena liwat dengan “menteri Kabinet’ yang lain.berapa DPM bayar ko untuk menjatuhkan DSAi.INSAFLAH sEFOOL.AKU TENGOK GAYA KO MACAM ORANG GAY….


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