Chili’s Gurney sucks and handball

I went to Chili’s before our movie. My son was holding an almost finished box of popcorn. Just a tiny box of popcorn. No coke. It is not even lunch time but around three o’clock when there aren’t many patrons.

But the KNNCCB lansi waiter warned us, “I am sorry but we do not allow outside foods. Ma’am, can you please finish the popcorn?”

Niamah…I already sipeh tulan. But since we were already seated (before the KNNCCB waiter saw it), it will be too much of a hassle. Moreover, everyone is hungry and we want to grab some bites before the movie starts.

The mashed potato is salty. The lamb chops are salty. The garlic bread is burnt and salty too. The vegetables seem kind of weird because they melt in the mouth, like overcooked and yet, stay green.

So, I retorted, “Come on, it is an almost finished popcorn, not a hamburger, ok?”

And he got the cheek to tell me,”But if our other patrons saw this, they may want to follow.”

I lagi tulan and told him, “So let them follow.” And I glared at him. Lucky I am not PMS-ing or else I pour the popcorn on his head and tell him, “Nah, finish yet or not?”

But that’s not the only reason Chili’s sucks. Their foods are soooooo salty. We ordered Sprite and get soda. Some more argue. The soda is totally not sweet so it is soda water and not Sprite, ok?

The Quesilada fillings are salty as well.

My children told me to fill in the complaint form. I told them, “No need, I blog about it better.” I lost my mood for a margarita after that.

Chili’s Penang, Gurney Plaza has to re-look at the attitude of their serving staffs, man. They have this air about them and when dealing with foreigners, they will line up to greet them goodbye and welcome but when it comes to locals, they are too busy to even bother.



Last Friday, I went to church and got caught up with the handball demo game. I do not know what is handball and have never bothered to watch any match. But some of the nice ladies there were looking for members to make up a team. So, I also signed up lah. ‘Cos after I evaluate, they are either older than me, shorter than me or fatter than me. So, in a team like that, I guess no one will whack me for being a lousy player, right?

Some told me like netball. Some said like basketball. I have never play these in school before. I only played hockey.

But when I watched the demo game between the junior and the senior men, oh boy, it looks like rugby, monkey and basketball all rolled into one. (CHS players, watch out for F.Fab, he very aggresive and agile ler, he whacked the ball, kena your head also your head can fly LOL)

Now, I wonder if I am fit enough to last 2 x 15 minutes rounds on the court. Initially, I thought no need to run, no need to grab, only pass the ball. But I suppose it is nothing tame like that.

So, I better go brush up my stamina by following my loukong to exercise every day. Booyeah! *flexes muscles and hope to whack all the other teams flat with my 5xmom fiery do or die attitude* Who cares it is a friendly match ‘to build community’? I am there to win. *grrrrr….shows fangs*

Oh ya, I still do not know the handball games rule. But who cares…

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  1. tiuh, fuck the waiter lah you are ordering something to eat mah waht the fuck he cares you bring to the restaurant. Rant if you must fucking stupid of the management.

  2. They are trained to act like that. Waiters have no common senses whatsoever. They are robots.

    Trash them 99 for sub-standard food. Salty? Prolly leftovers from the day before.

    Tumpang rant! I went to Old Town Kopitiam in Kelana Mall. I ordered Ice Blended White Coffee and they told me sold out!!! Its like McD telling you no french fries. Niamah!!!

  3. I met that kind of serve-ang-moh-better-than-asian-kind-attitude before, in Singapore to be exact. Hubby’s friend blasted them right in front of the counter and embarassed their service loud enough for everyone to ear. hahaha… Well… it worked, we got what we wanted. hahaha…

    Handball, you carry the ball like basketball. You dribble the ball when you moved. You shoot outside the D like soccer but instead you throw the ball with your hand, not kicking it. When you approached the D, you jump high and far, so you are nearer to the goal and shoot before you land. Well, I can’t do that. I am not powerful enough. So, I rather stand outside the D and shoot. hahaha…

    Choonies last blog post..August, a happening month in Kuching

  4. Lillian, that waiter is so lucky to have a customer like you! If i am the one he faces, i would have fucked him off until he cant see daylight and walk off from that fucking place. You ara really so nice and patient to stay back and yet ordered so many food. But on second thought, why fuck the waiter ? He got his instruction from his manager and he is kust doing his job! We should be fucking the manager. I always feel better to be able to fucked higher position people! By the way, what is your atm reaction? Just keep quiet? LOL…

  5. i agree with you.. the food there damn salty.. salt no need money mah !! haha.. i already make a complaint.. but i think they dun even care bout it ..

  6. Lilian,
    So surprised you go to this kind of joints. Yah, yah, the kids, the kids…..
    We all have given up on tipu eating places like these type such as TGIF..’Thank God is Fuckedup’, “Secret receip Pee” because NO food is prepared fresh. It is all cooked somewhere else, packed, frozen, shipped by lorry, kept in outlet, then microwaved and served. Only the garnishing is ‘newly’ added to give you da fresh look! Please go find out. You will be shocked too! That is why there are so many ‘franchised’ business which is also ‘cooking free’! As a starter just ask ds waiter/captain if the “roasted lamb shank’ is freshly cooked at that outlet or cooked else where some days ago, frozen and reheated?

    Even Hj. Samurai Kajang Satay began to suck! Many a times, the meat is not done well and is still raw but over-burnt on the outside. You get serious food contamination and risk Cancer at the same time!!! Just try this in Australia! They do not ‘close one eye’!

    Ha!Ha! Malaysia Boleh!!!

    Birds Talking Toos last blog post..David vs Goliath!

  7. Hmmmm.. I encountered some bad service with TGIF Jln Sultan Ismail many many moons back.

    We were a large group and so, I’d guess that was the first thing that the staff very tulan with us ‘coz they had to arrange a super duper long table and setup the cutlery for us.

    We had so much difficulty ordering our food and when we wanted refills or to ask for additional order, they literally ignored us. Service was bad, the waiters/waitress was so rude to us.

    In the end, my friend (1 of the b’day gal lagi) got so tulan that she took whatever leftover food, splashed it all over the table – give them more work to do…. 😛

    Anyway, I noticed that the quality of food varies from each Chilli’s outlet. Some are better, others are worse. See which outlet has more ang moh… the food should be a lot better.

    Angie Tans last blog post..Bored….

  8. Oldtown ar, that time they told me no more brown bread toast. I already boycott them, their nasi lemak is cooked in the morning, kept whole day, if in the evening u eat it, most prob will kena food poisoning like i did.

    Chilis, you’re not even eating the popcorn for goodness sake. Challenge them back la, not allowed to be brought in or brought in and consumed? So if i tapao 3 boxes of 12 pieces doughnuts and bring them in to consume later at home cannot la, haf to finish outside? what kind of service is this.

    dcyks last blog post..Trying to get healthier

  9. oh ya also the chilis in KL they have a sign “we only seat complete parties” if your party of friends is not all arrived at the same time, be prepared to wait outside standing or sitting even if you already have a booking

    dcyks last blog post..Trying to get healthier

  10. oh i damn hate the Chilli’s in gurney plaza as well. lots of bad experiences.
    they dont take reservations la (even though its for a group of 20 ppl), they dont seat more than 6 ppl per table so they cant join table (even though as they tell me this, i saw with my own eyes right in front of me a table of about 10 ppl). And lagi best is…when the manager asked us how was the food, i told him its too salty. and he had the cheek to tell me ‘oh mexican food is like that one’

    blardee hell. ban Chilli’s Gurney Plaza forever already.

    lingzies last blog post..What Condiment Are You?

  11. It’s the same everywhere … as long as the restaurant is run by asians … you will see the same kinda double standard treatment. When ang mo kau arrives or leaves … you can hear them saying in the sweetest tone “WELCOME” and “GOODBYE AND COME AGAIN or HAVE A NICE DAY/ EVENING!” But when we leave … bo hiu man!

    When we (asians) ask for something – they pull blardy long face … but if ang mo kau ask for heaven or earth … you can see them smiling like the logo of Darlie!

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  12. isit becoz ang mohs tip them? and we don’t lol, it’s not a habit to tip in asian countries and besides we already pay the 10% service charges which maybe the company skimp off them

    dcyks last blog post..Trying to get healthier

  13. Chilli’s service is known to be bad throughout Malaysia d. The one I used to frequent is in BSC and I’ve stopped going there. In fact, I’ve boycotted Chilli’s!

    Those so-called bottomless drinks? Yeah, it will be refilled after you flap your arms in the air a few thousand times like a fat chicken. The waiters/waitresses blatantly ignore customers. Don’t even think of saying ‘Excuse me’ to them as they walk past. They ignore!!!

    No more Chilli’s for me.

    Lil’ Ms Pinkys last blog post..If found, please return to owner at…

  14. Bryan – No KAYA!!! ???? !!!!!! Like McD tell you no fries, KFC tell you no chicken or A&W tell you no root beer. Tiu!!!

  15. I prefer Tony Roma’s over Chillies, used to be a religious cult follower of Chillies, i turn over to Tony Roma’s for their better food though exorbitant price.

    The comments says it, even though it’s full house during weekends in KLCC, i always frequent there, the service is bad for one, plus they “throw” the food on ur table, making the plate makes this “kilng” sounds. Guess waiters are not only robots but also PMS-ing.

    Brian Cs last blog post..Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest

  16. Attention all bosses of service industry! Make sure ‘blogging’ or ‘blog reading’ is one of the requirements when employing waiters. If not, when they offend our 5Xmom without knowing who she is … then you kena ‘Saifulized’ kao kao here! hahaha!

    9pek9bos last blog post..O’ SUmMi V’rOO

  17. Wuah…I am not responsible for this ‘I hate Chili’s’ club, wokay? LOLOLOL.

    But I think this page made it to the top search liao. Not my fault, wokay? Hehehe.

  18. didnt expect the ‘obnoxious’ 5xmum will give in so easily. I guess ‘ principles’ have lost out to ‘hunger’ this time. Looking at a different perspective, the waiter was merely doing his job but he could hav turned things around by being apologetic and offered a plastic bag as a popcorn wrapper mah.

    customer services is where we fall short compares to other country, even our close neighbours like thailand. next time go ‘pong chan’ the hawkers lah. some will even let you cook yr own food! haha

    JTs last blog post..Hungry Ghost

  19. JT – I memang that nice wan lah. Anyway, what’s the point of wasting saliva with people like these.

    riz1an – You are so right, a picture says a thousand words. And that thousand words said the food is not nice.

  20. Even in the air , when flying and paying same ticket price , same also those angmohs get Preferred choice treatment … damn tulan… Only EvaAir dont give those preferred treatment … or maybe because their crew cant speak good Angmohsai … but the staff at Evergreen Hotel in Penang also stuck up , so I think it just the Malaysian attitude .. sigh ..

  21. Very typical attitude la, why can’t these so-called Ang Mo chain restaurants make food the way their original outlets in their respective countries do it – food sans salt! That’s why the salt & pepper are on the table! In Lilian’s case, I think Chilli’s was using stock from the last tsunami, when everything was given a good drenching by water from the Straits of Malacca.

    Lilian, next time ask that ‘Jaime Oliver’ of your house to whip up fast food to go la. Sure he can do it already ma (a couple of months dy right he masuk that Culinary Arts school in Penang).

    Geralds last blog post..Dalai Lama

  22. Nothing make your dining experience worse than a horribly awful waiter. I never had Chili’s in Malaysia. I only had Chili’s once here with another 15 people for charity purpose. Yes, the foods were extremely salty. My mediocre soup tasted like underheated out-of-can version. Tasteless and not appealing at all. Definitely not worth the price. The waitress was of the lower standard if compared to other chained restaurants.

    It made me laugh so loud when some bloggers claimed how good Chili’s are, maybe just because it is “imported”. Just because you over-paid for the low quality food does not mean you have to say how good it is.

    Thanks for telling the truth here.

    I would rather eat a McD (considering I have not eaten more than 10 times there for the last 10 years) than going there again. It is that bad. Truly, he had no right to ban you from bringing in your popcorn that you were not going to consume there.

    fish fishs last blog post..A great gastronomic experience in Aux Anciens Canadiens

  23. Firstly, my friends were hoo-haas about it. They raved about it because it was not in Penang yet – only KL, KL, KL. Now, why I dislike Chilli’s the 1st time…

    1. Food too expensive for the quality they served (better cook it yourself)
    2. No Buritos – my hubby’s fav
    3. Place is not Child/Kid friendly
    4. Not sure if they serve cocktails now… cos my hubby likes mojito with his Mexico meals.
    5. Caught some flies buzzing around my table…

    The rest, I can’t recalled now… too irky to remember.

    I think I will stick to Tari Burger for my burgers…:-) and go to Dome & SegaFreddo. I prefer to eat the REAL Mexico food… Ole!!!

  24. I totally agree with you!!!! I went there early with my friend to have Happy Hour tequilla shots only to find that they DON’T HAVE HAPPY HOUR AT CHILLI’S GURNEY PLAZA!!!!!!!!

    Like what the shit man!!!!!!!!

    Might as well close down la!

    sabrinas last blog post..It Takes A Thief

  25. i went to 1U chillis with my bf to celebrate his bday, well it sucks, really sucks.
    the service was bad, the table was not clean, it was sticky. and when i asked them to clean it, there was this guy just simply wipe it and showed me some weird tulan face! angry!!

    i even found something like small half of a size of toothpick in my mash potato!! i was angry and i complained it to the manager or whoever in charge there, and then he told me:” we dont use any wooden stuff in our kitchen, we use all metal blah blah blah” i dont wan to talk or explain more, but i was damn angry.

    i will not eat in chillis anymore. i guess TGIF is so much better =)

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