I went to Chili’s before our movie. My son was holding an almost finished box of popcorn. Just a tiny box of popcorn. No coke. It is not even lunch time but around three o’clock when there aren’t many patrons.

But the KNNCCB lansi waiter warned us, “I am sorry but we do not allow outside foods. Ma’am, can you please finish the popcorn?”

Niamah…I already sipeh tulan. But since we were already seated (before the KNNCCB waiter saw it), it will be too much of a hassle. Moreover, everyone is hungry and we want to grab some bites before the movie starts.

The mashed potato is salty. The lamb chops are salty. The garlic bread is burnt and salty too. The vegetables seem kind of weird because they melt in the mouth, like overcooked and yet, stay green.

So, I retorted, “Come on, it is an almost finished popcorn, not a hamburger, ok?”

And he got the cheek to tell me,”But if our other patrons saw this, they may want to follow.”

I lagi tulan and told him, “So let them follow.” And I glared at him. Lucky I am not PMS-ing or else I pour the popcorn on his head and tell him, “Nah, finish yet or not?”

But that’s not the only reason Chili’s sucks. Their foods are soooooo salty. We ordered Sprite and get soda. Some more argue. The soda is totally not sweet so it is soda water and not Sprite, ok?

The Quesilada fillings are salty as well.

My children told me to fill in the complaint form. I told them, “No need, I blog about it better.” I lost my mood for a margarita after that.

Chili’s Penang, Gurney Plaza has to re-look at the attitude of their serving staffs, man. They have this air about them and when dealing with foreigners, they will line up to greet them goodbye and welcome but when it comes to locals, they are too busy to even bother.



Last Friday, I went to church and got caught up with the handball demo game. I do not know what is handball and have never bothered to watch any match. But some of the nice ladies there were looking for members to make up a team. So, I also signed up lah. ‘Cos after I evaluate, they are either older than me, shorter than me or fatter than me. So, in a team like that, I guess no one will whack me for being a lousy player, right?

Some told me like netball. Some said like basketball. I have never play these in school before. I only played hockey.

But when I watched the demo game between the junior and the senior men, oh boy, it looks like rugby, monkey and basketball all rolled into one. (CHS players, watch out for F.Fab, he very aggresive and agile ler, he whacked the ball, kena your head also your head can fly LOL)

Now, I wonder if I am fit enough to last 2 x 15 minutes rounds on the court. Initially, I thought no need to run, no need to grab, only pass the ball. But I suppose it is nothing tame like that.

So, I better go brush up my stamina by following my loukong to exercise every day. Booyeah! *flexes muscles and hope to whack all the other teams flat with my 5xmom fiery do or die attitude* Who cares it is a friendly match ‘to build community’? I am there to win. *grrrrr….shows fangs*

Oh ya, I still do not know the handball games rule. But who cares…