9 thoughts on “The freaking HAZE IS BACK!!!

  1. It’s seriously horrible in Klang. Visibility is horrible and in the mornings it looks like post-nuclear holocaust, blurry misty hazy orange skies.

  2. Sure the work of this AMNO one. Sure must create something to distract the rakyat one. Maybe they told the Indos – OK I close-one-eye let you come in Feb/Mar to work, you vote for me, OK? Then when I lose sorry I have to show-show a bit, deport you back. But when if one of us kena involve in model murder or losing plot of ass case, you start many many fire, OK? Then next month I let you come back. Then can continue your snatch theft, robbery and so on while we continue our big-scale theft from the country coffer. Don’t worry, we won’t spend on more cops to catch you one, we only spend on space tourist and palace. In fact, we keep our existing lowly-paid cops busy by asking them to do useless roadblock where they just stand around and obstruct traffic without even checking anything.

    Wah… haze also become AMNO’s fault.

  3. Heard from a friend, apparently the Indonesian’s dun have the technology and know-how to fight the peat fires. Aiyor why so susah, dun start in the first place la, kan?

    Geralds last blog post..Luc Besson

  4. Haze occurs everyday in Klang. Breathing this poison everyday, who knows what sort of lung disease we might get in a few years time!! My poor son’s sinuses always flares up during the haze season!

  5. Year in and year out, our stupid government will sent our firemen & monetary aids to help put out those peat fires which are intentionally started in the first place by those Indonesians. If you ask me, I think those Indonesians are laughing themselves silly everytime because they don’t need to do anything to put out those fires since we will do it for them. And on top of that they get some extra money for them to grow new crops.

  6. I begin to see haze in KL. Return me a clear sky!!

    When there’s haze, we blame Indonesia. What about the peat fires? Isn’t this from our own country itself? Should go and catch those who started the fire!

    “Let the politicians plan…” by A. Samad Said in The Dead Crow. All a bunch of bullshit. Include what is called literature component in secondary school languages, have it yield anything? We still continue to hear craps everyday.

    boon khengs last blog post..Saiful blogs too?

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