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It is one of those days

It is one of those days when I have nothing to say because what I want to say is not supposed to be mentioned.

It is one of those days when I want to rant but ranting will bring bigger problems.

Rather than saying something truthful, real and right, I better shut up and act stupid.

So, good night, good morning, good afternoon and if I still remain shut up and acting stupid, good night, good morning, good afternoon again.

13 Responses to “It is one of those days”

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  3. Just say it lah….
    can whisper into my ears….

    JTs last blog post..Hungry Ghost

  4. Maybe you can try drawing it out.

    Bryans last blog post..How To Disable Firefox 3.0 Smart Location Bar

  5. wah, even you have days like these. haha, joking. ya, some things better not blog. but those kinda things are nicest to blog if only to certain eyes, hor hor horrrr?

    mistipurples last blog post..what’s your take?

  6. No wonder dun see any post beside the chili thing and also surprisingly, no reply comment from you too. So, like wat Mistipurple said, 5xmom also got days like that kah? hahaha…. Relax and learn laughing yoga la…

    Choonies last blog post..Laughing Yoga

  7. …. >oo<

  8. 🙂

    Big Bright Heads last blog post..Special is better than perfect.

  9. :-l

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Hubby’s new wife is just sooooo beautiful.

  10. Those ppl are kanasai 1. Don’t bother them.. I sokong u.. FREE TO SPEECH “WAN SUI WAN WAN SUI”! hehe

    shun2us last blog post..Brutal Art of Japan

  11. ….

    Foongs last blog post..The conspiracy theory

  12. that’s another way to say ‘i don’t have any updates/anything to post about today’. he he he he….. wait, one day, when i start blogging, i’ll apply this tactic, too.