Why I have no girlfriends.

The other day, I wanted to watch Sex and the City but it is an 18-PL. My son said to me, “Ma…you come and watch with your girlfriends lah.”

And you know what? I realized I have no girlfriends. I have no girlfriends because :

1) They are either too pushy and bitchy for my liking. Listening to their gossips will banish me to hell.

2) They are too nice and matronly and I feel I need to behave all the time like a little girl with her grandma, very suffocating;

3) They have no opinions of their own and it is very annoying to mix with people who cannot form opinions of their own; (e.g. “Eh, you think got sodomy ah?” And the reply will be, “Aiyer….I don’t know ler”)

4) They are divorcees who are too busy finding new boyfriends;

5) They are new moms and new moms bored professional moms like me with their kiddies’ tales;

6) They are some Mak Datins and I have no business or cronies to offer them, so they no ‘hiu’ me;

7) I am actually a social recluse who do not like this thing call girlfriends.

So, here I am….so lonely and yet relieved and happy I have no girlfriends. Yay! Stay away from me, okay? I don’t need girlfriends.

Sigh….only movies, fairy tales or lesbians p0rn have girls as friends. In real life, do you have girlfriends? (I mean the female and female type lah)

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  1. why would i need a girl friend when i have my husband, my best friend my best bud. i am sure u think the same of yr husband. yeah..we need girl friends for shopping or having a cup of latte with, but at the end of the day its still our lou kong that we look forward to talking to . nuff said.

  2. kpc – Aiyer…how to girl chat with a loukong? Later he become pondan talking about saggy breasts, open pores and g-spot, how?

  3. Hmmm.. Touchy subject-le.. Should I blog on it?? 😛

    For those lucky to find your best friend in your husband… Good-lo!! 🙂

    Well, I’ve got quite a number of gal pals:

    Some are married with/without kids –> all they talk about are marriage or kids or babies or… husbands.. or… MIL…

    Some are career-minded –> all they talk about are work. More work…

    Some are young at heart –> dress/talk nonsense… Quite fun for a while….

    There will come a time when these people will go off in their own cliques as they have different views in life. However, since most of my gal pals go back a looong way.. way before work/boyfriends/marriage/kids… We have a connection, so, we still keep in touch.

    Hopefully, they’ll stay that way… 😛 (Naive thinking)

    Angie Tans last blog post..Bored….

  4. Gooottttt…got a lot of girl punya friends but if you are talking about the kinds that are so close that you are like soul mates or some freaking inseparable twins, err… no lar.
    I no lesbian ler and well, I have always been ‘one of the boys’ so veli difficult leh to have close girl friends to talk about sagging breasts and open pores and etc…not that I even discuss that with my ‘boy’ friends (eh, the normal platonic type lar, I’m married woman lar).
    I just find having ultra sensitive girl friends a real drag lar.

    Foongs last blog post..The conspiracy theory

  5. lilian ,better to chat with lou kong than girl friend about intimate things. later yr girl friends will tell their lou kongs what so and so said about this and that and malu-ation if u ever meet their lou kong! just try to talk about anything and everything with our better half and they will get used to whatever we bring up.

  6. I have a gf that is my best fren.
    Can talk to her about anything n she can talk to me about anything too sagging breast, open pores etc…
    While a guy do not need a guy frento be his best fren a girl will make a very good best fren…

  7. Girlfriends can be vicious and spiteful. Can be full of jealousy which will then turn to hatred and then turn to betrayal. Can never get too close with girls …

  8. Am I glad that I have best friends who speak their minds out.. and they are not married yet. LOL..
    I met some girls who dare not speak their minds out and it gets a lil frustrated when i talk to them. Why wana be so scared to speak their minds out kan? I mean its our rights what 😛

    sue mes last blog post..Singapore Trip – Day Three (3/8/08)

  9. lilian, u’re the same as me, i have few girlfriends. but i have lots of males friends. too many until my mum kept on complaining. however i do have some super good girlfriends who will be there for me la!!! hehe… cheers.

  10. i know how u feel.
    Dont watch it in cinema la..its all censored. Get the Dvd, get some ice cream and strawberries, get ur kids out of the house for two hours and watch it alone..

  11. Aiyahh, how come like that 5xmom…you saying you reject property ah? never mind lah can still go and watch alone mah.

    Anyway, it’s a pretty entertaining movie(from a man’s point of view) and my dear loves the movie, lot’s of nice baju to see, good story line(for ladies going 40’s) and old school romantic loh.

    You should go and watch it, even if on your own OR go “pak toh” with your loh kong to the cinema……..

    Just bring tissue/hangky along…

  12. Finding true friends is also like finding husband la. Not everybody can be good friends. If you find friends that click, then you click. If not, then you have not found your soul gf yet. Like marriage, friendship also must nurture wan, must communicate, must love and care. If you don’t, the friendship also breakdown. But I have come to realise that the friends I made in my school days (primary, secondary) remains my closest friends. We may not talk everyday but once talk, all memories come back. I think there is something about people you know from young, you know their background, families, who they really are – so no need to pretend pretend like they are some big shot now.

    Pebs last blog post..5 tips to Blind Dating

  13. im 20 years old, and ive never really had the best of luck with girls. the close group of girls i grew up with from my child hood i drifted apart from. grade 11 i started hanging out with a new crowd of girls, but lost them all in grade 12 when they accused me of being anorexic. (which was a bullshit accusation) then moving away to school, i moved into a house with 5 other girls who i became close to for about a year and a half. i met my boyfreind a little over a year ago and we became best friends as well as lovers. i know im still young, but i know this is the man i want for the rest of my life. it was too much for my closest freind to handle tho and a lot of drama started happening between us which was even starting to rub off on my relationship. i chose my boyfriend and now he is all i have. true i still have a lot of girl “friends”, but no one i call on a regular basis or go to hang out with. it bothered me a little at first, made me feel a little lonely. but unless i meet a girl at school that has the same values as me and can understand when a girl has found the one for her, i don’t really have any interest in pursuing friendships with girls. my closest girlfriends now are actually my boyfriends girlfriends, because his group of friends have stuck together forever.

  14. haha… what a title… em… to me i prefer to have a close friend that i knew during my kiddy time. At least i have 1 that we knew each other since 6 years old. We can talk anything, even what happen in the bedroom… haha… and only her things i won’t talk wt my lou kong.

    allisias last blog post..Wrong shoes matching!

  15. Very difficult to find a girlfriend who can click. They fall into one of the categories above. worse, my friends have kids around 20 years old and mine is only 2 years old. Marry late, mah, nobody wants me. I probably have only one or two close no-secrets-between-us girlfriends , knew them since schooldays. Probably the only no nonsense friends one may have is those from schooldays.

    By the way, thanks for your advise on my many questions about having 2 blogs! Really appreciate it.

    allthingspurples last blog post..Weekend at FIL’s

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