The other day, I wanted to watch Sex and the City but it is an 18-PL. My son said to me, “Ma…you come and watch with your girlfriends lah.”

And you know what? I realized I have no girlfriends. I have no girlfriends because :

1) They are either too pushy and bitchy for my liking. Listening to their gossips will banish me to hell.

2) They are too nice and matronly and I feel I need to behave all the time like a little girl with her grandma, very suffocating;

3) They have no opinions of their own and it is very annoying to mix with people who cannot form opinions of their own; (e.g. “Eh, you think got sodomy ah?” And the reply will be, “Aiyer….I don’t know ler”)

4) They are divorcees who are too busy finding new boyfriends;

5) They are new moms and new moms bored professional moms like me with their kiddies’ tales;

6) They are some Mak Datins and I have no business or cronies to offer them, so they no ‘hiu’ me;

7) I am actually a social recluse who do not like this thing call girlfriends.

So, here I am….so lonely and yet relieved and happy I have no girlfriends. Yay! Stay away from me, okay? I don’t need girlfriends.

Sigh….only movies, fairy tales or lesbians p0rn have girls as friends. In real life, do you have girlfriends? (I mean the female and female type lah)