Pasar malam stuffs are cool

ben 10 t-shirt

If you have kids age 3 years to 13 years old, I guess they will know who Ben Tennyson is. Ben Tennyson is like Power Rangers for those of you in your late teens and early twenties. Ben 10 is like Ultraman so cool. But Ben 10 is the latest superheroes series of the kids now.

The evil Ben 10 produces figurines that costs RM29.90 each and I think my kids have hypnotize hubby and I into buying at least 10 of them.

My kid has Ben 10 shoes, bought in Singapore. When we were there, he wanted to buy the licensed merchandised t-shirt but it was soooo costly. I think one t-shirt costs almost RM65.

But jeng, jeng, jeng….Malaysia Bull-eh! Now, we found RM15 lycra-like, cool material, nice prints t-shirt at Penang Jual Murah. (those little shops next to the Chowrasta Market) The print is so much nicer than the real stuffs.

hot wheels t-shirt

There are lots of designs so my shopping kid cannot resist a Hot Wheels t-shirt as well. The one trait he takes after the father is their love of shopping.

After he brought the t-shirts home (both of them went alone cos I am sick due to the haze), he sat on the couch, grinning and said, “I am sooooo happy today.”


The shopping kid with his loots (picture taken on other day) of a packet of Panda biscuits bought from Popular and a PS2 game. See the Ben 10 shoes? (licensed merchandise, wokay?)

Pasar malam stuffs are so cool. Blog buddy, a lawyer, call these ‘heavily subsidised stuffs’. Hehehe, how can we live without heavily subsidised stuffs, huh?

7 thoughts on “Pasar malam stuffs are cool

  1. It is suprising sometimes how much variance you get between the pasar malam goods and the original stuff. It is like those days when going to Golok was to go and “sapu” back all the “look alike”.

    Only draw back is sometimes, if you are really “unlucky”, these pasar malam goods don’t last for a week. My nephew(5 years old) shoe that came from one of this pasar malam, started to literally “peel” off as he was walking around… was so comical as by the time we notice it, not much was left of the shoe….the poor little fella was devastated….but in a funny way!

    Yeah, we kinda need this sort of “subsidy”, otherwise who can effort the real thing…..gila meh for pay hundreds of dollars for a kids shirt. But if for makan, I don’t mind…..kinda strange come to think of it.

  2. Wah liao…

    Pasar malam stuff quality is pretty cool now-le…

    I spent some parts of my childhood wearing pasar malam clothes. You know-la, 20 or 30 years back, not many shopping centres/malls.

    Anyway, I still remember my “Donnie & Marie” t-shirt which you can’t get anywhere except at the pasar malam. 😛 I wore it so often that my mom had to burn hide it from me…

    Gosh… Does anyone else remember Donnie & Marie Osmond? I feel so damn old…

  3. Wah..yr hubby loves shopping?? Erh…boleh xchange take suami tak? My hubby absolutely HATES shopping and it would take lots of manja-ling and long pityful face before he agrees to tag along 🙁

  4. Cool and lo lam tik curtains.. Valentine’s day theme some more… you must be taking the Everyday is a Valentine’s day thing seriously

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