Being a paid poster (i.e. someone who gets paid to talk shits), I know that online dating services are one of the most lucrative industry. They have online dating services for every kind of folks and sometimes, I wonder if we really have that many lonely hearts in the world.

Some of those online dating are for people with special needs or special conditions like obese people, senior dating (i.e. those widowers, retirees etc), mix marriage (i.e. kopi campur susu), Gothic, Christians and etc. So, yeah, I do agree that the udang-udang and ikan-ikan in the tiny pond can be rather limited so people need to venture into engaging a company to help them find an ideal partner.

But for regular folks with regular jobs, two legs and two hands, a face with a nose, two eyes and a mouth that talks? Why do they need to find dating company or those MCA run Cupid Club to find a boyfriend or girlfriend for them, huh?

It baffles me. Really, really baffles. Back in my century, i.e. my dear readers,that’s only 20+ years wokay, we don’t see that many desperadoes, lonely hearts club around. Back then, there were no MSN, no Facebook, no SMS and certainly no blogs to connect with the outside world.

It was the WSYWIG, what you see is what you get kinda thing. So, one can easily find a boy from school, from tuition class then, advance to student exchange program and then, at work and so on. There are plenty of boys, guys, men around. Race wasn’t an issue to me then. (height as well) I had Malay, Indian, Sri Lankan boys who were friends as well.

Now, that the world has become even smaller, suddenly people need a middleman to help them to find a partner pulak. I really cannot find any good reason they need to go through such an unromantic channel to find a partner. Isn’t it so much easier to just put out the electricity at work, in the LRT, at the frozen food section, gym, college, at work, holiday resorts, through your blog etc? Natural and organic. Bzzztttt…..just pasang karan lah. Minah letrik and mat bateri.

Yorrr….why la you people need to find someone else to help you find a person to date? Please tell me what’s your problem. The 5xmom can solve it for you. Hampalang mou man thai. Ngo hai tak geh. Fai tit. All the spinsters and bachelors, tell me what’s causing you not to get the opposite sex to jatuh cinta with you.