Really lah, why do people need dating services, Cupid club and middlemen?

Being a paid poster (i.e. someone who gets paid to talk shits), I know that online dating services are one of the most lucrative industry. They have online dating services for every kind of folks and sometimes, I wonder if we really have that many lonely hearts in the world.

Some of those online dating are for people with special needs or special conditions like obese people, senior dating (i.e. those widowers, retirees etc), mix marriage (i.e. kopi campur susu), Gothic, Christians and etc. So, yeah, I do agree that the udang-udang and ikan-ikan in the tiny pond can be rather limited so people need to venture into engaging a company to help them find an ideal partner.

But for regular folks with regular jobs, two legs and two hands, a face with a nose, two eyes and a mouth that talks? Why do they need to find dating company or those MCA run Cupid Club to find a boyfriend or girlfriend for them, huh?

It baffles me. Really, really baffles. Back in my century, i.e. my dear readers,that’s only 20+ years wokay, we don’t see that many desperadoes, lonely hearts club around. Back then, there were no MSN, no Facebook, no SMS and certainly no blogs to connect with the outside world.

It was the WSYWIG, what you see is what you get kinda thing. So, one can easily find a boy from school, from tuition class then, advance to student exchange program and then, at work and so on. There are plenty of boys, guys, men around. Race wasn’t an issue to me then. (height as well) I had Malay, Indian, Sri Lankan boys who were friends as well.

Now, that the world has become even smaller, suddenly people need a middleman to help them to find a partner pulak. I really cannot find any good reason they need to go through such an unromantic channel to find a partner. Isn’t it so much easier to just put out the electricity at work, in the LRT, at the frozen food section, gym, college, at work, holiday resorts, through your blog etc? Natural and organic. Bzzztttt…..just pasang karan lah. Minah letrik and mat bateri.

Yorrr….why la you people need to find someone else to help you find a person to date? Please tell me what’s your problem. The 5xmom can solve it for you. Hampalang mou man thai. Ngo hai tak geh. Fai tit. All the spinsters and bachelors, tell me what’s causing you not to get the opposite sex to jatuh cinta with you.

15 thoughts on “Really lah, why do people need dating services, Cupid club and middlemen?

  1. spot on!!!

    but the point which i cannot take is the fact ppl are manipulating ppl’s emotion to make a gain. i have personally encountered match-making company owner and on the surface, they claim to be providing a service and trying to make your life happy…. behind your back they will say… “wah, this fat ass… how to get him a chick lah”….

    and sad to say… most of these match-making business owners are women (no hard feelings)…. sigh…

    like u said… go on the internet and get it done yourself lah.

    zewts last blog post..It’s not about blogs or blogging?

  2. beware of the fake match-making agency!.there’s will always be some A**hole that wanna manipulates other people needs and emotions.but i think people that use such service take it as “the last resort” after all else fails.

  3. The guys want to date chicks that looks like pornstar, but themself look like cicak kubin, the girls all pulak been watching too much hk tvb series, they want rich man lah, powderful lah, macho lah, fairy tale wedding lah, etc etc etc. Mana lah nak cari.

  4. it serves the market of workaholics whom lives only consist of eat, sleep, work and work and work. they don’t have time to go dating, no time to eye around for potential targets and have no time to go socialize with friends and people

    just like my bf. if i nvr met him b4 he started working, i doubt if he would find a gf for himself at this time around (comes home at 12am-1am, goes back to office during weekends OFTEN) DAMN WE NEVER PAK TOR FOR 3MONTHS ALREADY GRRRRRRRR

  5. Spark a love upon stumbling someone’s blog? Anyone go ahead and try lah. How much do I know you by viewing your blog alone?

    In Facebook there’s this application called Sparkey. Darn irritating lah. Keep on sending E-mail entitled “XXX, you’ve reviewed for dating for n times.” I also reviewed people for dating through those photos ma. What’s the use? The girls not nice one and also a lot I don’t know… So I removed the application.

    With patience I believe we can meet the special someone πŸ™‚

    boon khengs last blog post..We are Ready

  6. Cannot help you on this. But can you help me? I have sooo many women asking me for a date. Can help me chase them away ar? Bwahahaha!!!

  7. Actually I think the truth is nobody wants to use dating services if they can help it. Unless of course the perverts with something wrong up there and probably down there. But seriously, there are some really genuine ones la. Can call desperate also but then poor things ok, wanna find right one but cannot find out. I’ve got many single girlfriends….all good-looking and doing well for themselves but 30-something oredi and so few available guys. All guys either married, gay or something wrong. How? Cannot wait around and do nothing right. So I ask them to try out la. But all also mousey one, so scared so wait loh. You got any eligible, 35-39 yrs old men friends? Must be ok ok wan la.

    Pebs last blog post..Dating services….

  8. I agree with Ducky 100%. A lot of people has unrealistic expectations of looks, finance and romance. They are never satisfied.

    Also read this:

    Women in KL can be bloody emotional/financial leeches wokay.

    They can have loving middle-class parents and normal families but it’s all eyes on the money, showing off, and competing with other women. Inferiority complex from watching TV, movies & reading Cosmo perhaps. One thing though, they will do almost anything to land a prize catch. Any position, any pattern also can one. Anal, bondage, swallowing. You think Malaysian girls very conservative? Most are, but some are definitely wilder than westerners.

    The super nice ones amazingly are the very rich ones. People say the richer you are the more arrogant. But surprisingly nowadays, the really rich ones are the emotionally stable, humble, friendly chill ones (Tim Tiah, etc) , while the not-so-rich ones are the insecure, weird, the whole world owes them like dat (um, icq, shadowfox even though he’s entertaining).

    So the moral of the story for guys is.. um, I don’t know. Find village girls, or really rich girls? πŸ˜€

  9. Wah I just saw 5X Mom’s facebook photo. Uhhhhh momma’s bringing sexy back yeah. Other girlz don’t know how to act uhhhhhh. Bring it down, baby πŸ˜€

  10. “…isn’t it so much easier to just put out the electricity at work, in the LRT, at the frozen food section, gym, college, at work, holiday resorts, through your blog etc?…”
    lol… i think that in these days if any stranger approach us in these places our first instinct is to cabut cos we also abit takut in case they turn out to be pervert/weirdo/axe murderer πŸ˜›
    buden… on the other hand… i met my current bf (who is a GEM) online thru a local free dating webpage anyway πŸ™‚ i was single for quite a while before that trying out the “electricity” thing as mentioned above πŸ˜›

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