I have a few readers who mentioned that they also want to start blogging but they do not know how or where to begin. So, let me give them the easiest to understand step-by-step tutorial in the world.

Before I tell them where to find a blog to start writing from, or shall I say, before they open the Medusa box, let me tell them what to not to do.

1) Your blog is probably going to be so boring and you will lose the excitement within 2 months. Or probably your life is so boring, the cycles and routines seem to be repeating after two weeks.

2) You will probably forget what’s your blog URL, i.e. the name of the www. bla bla bla dot com and also your password to your blog and your email.

3) You must remember that no one wants to hear about your quarrels with your boyfriend, husband, mother-in-law, fishmonger or etc unless you can tell it the way no one can.

4) You have to swallow the hard fact that the kid whom you think is the cutest and most handsome/pretty in the world is just another kid amongst the millions of bloggers’ kids.

5) When you take that step to be a blogger, you have to remember that you are open to criticisms. They may not be the truth but still it stings. If you cannot bear people telling you your blog sucks or you are ugly, then, don’t ever start a blog.

6) If you cannot take decent photos, please don’t torture us with bad photos. Look, observe, read and improve.

7) Don’t reveal things that you are going to regret one day. If you are sleeping with someone’s claimed boyfriend, you surely do not want to tell us all. If your boyfriend is two or three inches shorter (and I am not talking about height) than your desired measurement, please don’t tell us either.

Well, if you can stomach the above things, then, you can go to WordPress.com and sign up a free blog account. Note that with WordPress.com, you cannot make any income from it. They are just a bunch of control-freak, pain-in-the-arse, generous, nice folks.

Maybe I should also remind you that the dashboard or what you call it, the place where you start writing are pretty easy to handle. Just experiment with it but never come and ask me for guidance because they have provided all the needed tutorial. Nothing pissed me off than people who are too lazy to read instructions and ask me the same question over and over again.

Assuming that you think you are have the blogger material and one day, you also want to make some income from your blog, then use the free blog from Blogger. Blogger is a little bit harder to get used to but it is the same as WordPress.

If you want a more comprehensive post, I have written one over at my make money blog.

So, now, you know how to start a blog. Please go play with it and don’t ever ask me questions, ask Google.

Now, you know how to blog…..Thanks to the generous, kind 5xmom.

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