Lately, I cannot stand a certain botak guy but I also cannot diss him. It is damn frustrating but a certain penarik beca has been hauled up for sedition charge, so I better shut up.

I also cannot understand why Malaysiakini never picked up my very wise, very clever, very smart, very pandai blog commentary when I quoted them and yet, Malaysiakini hauled up all the parrots. I think their Ed must re-look at their links there. Sheeshh…parrot parrot parrot…so boring.

The best cure for stuffed nose is to eat hot, spicy tomyam. The chillies and the heat unclogged the nose better than anything else. It flows like water and if I didn’t stop to wipe my nose, I would have slurped the mucous with the soup.

Men. They are such babies when they are sick. If it is my atm who is sick, I will have to cook for him white porridge with a dab of soy sauce, a tiny piece of sweet potato and a touch of taujoo. The temperature has to be just right, like how Goldilocks like her porridge. If it is me who is sick, all I need is Maggi asam laksa and tomyam from Kedai Kopi Min Jiang. Therefore, I am baffled why men say women are so needy? Where got lah? We only need two things from you men, money and sex.

Shadowfox posted a blog post about I hate Penang lang. His blogger comment board has screwed up and my comment didn’t go through. I posted, “We Penang lang don’t use tissue. We pick up dried leaves from the ground (to wipe our arse after we shit)”. Haih…my point is how sohais some people are to get offended with a blog like Shadowfox. Bodoh nyerrr…Just be entertain with the sleaze he produces lah! No one force you to take him seriously lah.

Talking about sohais, Innit is full of them. I don’t know who is the bigger sohai. I would say it is the one who takes time to dang every posts and then, complain like a pondan that people nang their own posts. Pathetic, get a life. And bodohnyer, masturbation is a self action, so there is no need to call people self-masturbators. If it is not self, then, there is a different term for it. Geddit?

And hor, I think those bloggers who think they are celebrities or those minions who think other bloggers are celebrities, are just so, so deluded. Get a life, too. They are human, just like you and I. They have a blog, just like you and I. Nothing more, nothing less. Boleh paham?

Thank you for flying with 5xmom. The plane has just landed. This is your Captain Anti-Histamine wishing you have a good night sleep. Over and out.