I bought this Panadol from Singapore. It is a all-in-one relief for flu. Too bad finish already.

Stuffy nose, runny nose hampalang also kautim. Eat already, the nose dried up, no sneezing.

Get rid of my fever.

Relieve pain in lungs when coughing.

Clear the throbbing headache.

Stop boredom.

Reduce too much bitching.

Provide urge to blog…..

Anyway, don’t simply buy OTC medicine and take, okay? See a doctor or else they will have no money to feed their BMWs and Mercs.

My niece who is a pharmacist did check the contents and told me it is ok to buy and hoard it. Yeah, I bought it from Singapore just because they sell it.

Chee buy haze. Make me sick but I don’t get MC one. Sick for what lah. Tiu.

(and don’t kepoh suggest to sleep lah, rest lah, what what lah….you are not my grandma, wokay?)