Why they don’t sell Panadol like this in 7-11 Malaysia?


I bought this Panadol from Singapore. It is a all-in-one relief for flu. Too bad finish already.

Stuffy nose, runny nose hampalang also kautim. Eat already, the nose dried up, no sneezing.

Get rid of my fever.

Relieve pain in lungs when coughing.

Clear the throbbing headache.

Stop boredom.

Reduce too much bitching.

Provide urge to blog…..

Anyway, don’t simply buy OTC medicine and take, okay? See a doctor or else they will have no money to feed their BMWs and Mercs.

My niece who is a pharmacist did check the contents and told me it is ok to buy and hoard it. Yeah, I bought it from Singapore just because they sell it.

Chee buy haze. Make me sick but I don’t get MC one. Sick for what lah. Tiu.

(and don’t kepoh suggest to sleep lah, rest lah, what what lah….you are not my grandma, wokay?)

18 thoughts on “Why they don’t sell Panadol like this in 7-11 Malaysia?

  1. ayooo..kesiannya!!! Nvm..nvm..at least after makan the panadol, you have the urge to blog..that day i makan this one ubat ‘clarinase’ for my flu and guess what, i cannot sleep for almost 48 hours..! Gila punya ubat..
    Next time you go singapore, tapau many2 pack of that kind of panadol lah..then sell it in penang, sure can make money one..heheheee

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  2. kesian… not feeling well? drink more water. surprisingly, the box says manufactured in Selangor. He he he, i don’t take panadol that much. My dad supplied me with bottles & bottles of the tables but by the time i open the container/bottle, kosong oredi. my in laws relly on it so much for cure of headcahe.

    Get well soon. Avoid outdoor activities & the ‘HAZEy’ air.


  3. KNNCCB haze…

    Woke up at 5am this morning ‘coz my dogs beh tahan the cats “pro-creation” activity on the roof… and found that I couldn’t breathe. For a moment, I thought my father and other dog was smoking in the living room… πŸ˜‰

    Turns out to be hazzzzzeeeee… damn..

    Oh yea, another thing you can’t find is those hot tea for cold medication… Quite effective. I found some in HK but didn’t buy enough back last time. πŸ™

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  4. maybe should check with pharmacies, kedai ubat ah chong and guardian, later if dont hap, can check with your cousin pharmacist. otherwise order 1 container from s’pore maybe? LOL

    take care! a woman in the family is the sole supporter for kids and hubby

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  5. Hello Lilian – try Welling Pharmacy at Balisa Row @ Pulau Tikus (next to astro) .

  6. Hi!! Guardian got sell this type of panadol, but you have to request it from the pharmacist. my hubs and i swear by it too! damn fast and effective! try another type called Panadol CF (Cold and Flu)… also super good, but makes a person drowsy! πŸ™‚

  7. Erin – Tks but never mind liao, I go find from local pharmacy and see.

    corren – Oh, prescription, issit? Ok, I go check.

    digusted – Tks

    shun2u – Yalor, many snacks available there, but not here also.

    Atchooooo…..spray germs on all the rest of the commentors. Thanks for the comments.

    Atchoo….spray green booger and yellow slime on Your Grandma.

  8. You can get from Guardian :
    Panadol for Cold, non drowsy
    Panadol for Cold and Flu , drowsy.
    I alternate both when I’m sick, taking the drowsy one at night. Check with the pharmacist.

  9. Hi Lilian,

    Just to clarify that Panadol do sell a similar product to that is shown in the picture – it’s called Panadol Cold & is available in pharmacies in Malaysia too.

    Get well soon!


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