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You know what’s annoying? Our law keepers seem to be blind. Or they are always hole up in their cosy, aircond office in Jalan Transfer and Petani Road to notice that there are people out there who broke the law and cause traffic jam.

Or wait, maybe their job is only to sit around and wait for some non-existence mogok rakyat…Whatever it is, we have a new State Government. But we are facing the same shit every day. Koh Tsu Koon’s led State Government or Lim Guan Eng (flutters eye lashes at the mention of the name hehehe) spanking new State Government, we have the same inefficient system. Diff. leaders, same shit.


For the longest time, this Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah and Jalan Farquhar have been congested during noon because of two schools, i.e. St. Xavier and Convent Light Street. It is understandable that during these hours, we do experience some jams.

But the main culprit is not the schools. The bottle neck is these cars parked outside Kah Motor. These cars are always parked on the road, reducing the three lanes to only two. See? No farking parking sign there and yet, every single day, without fail, a row of cars are parked outside Kah Motor/City Bayview. Apa ini?

Mana pigi itu trapik police? Mana itu Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang enforcement officers? HOI, rajin sikit lah! Kerja lah! Kasi saman hari hari, janji depa tak berani park kat situ. Saman itu win-win situation. State Government pun kaya, traffic jam pun kurang.

Actually, I read somewhere in the paper. When we citizens see such haphazard parking, we actually need to go and make a report at the police station so that they can send their officers to investigate. Apa ni? Kena kita orang pigi suap, kasi info, baru boleh operasi? Ingat kita tadak kerja, kena jadi polis? It is that simple! Just send some patrol cars or police on bikes around town and clear those jams, damn it!

Dear Mr. CM, please improve the road system a bit lah. You are my ADun and nay….that other ADun of mine in Pantai Jerjak, he is some highway engineer expert from USA, please work out something lah. We are tired of hearing nothing but Permatang Pauh. Time doesn’t stand still for by-election only lah…