I wonder if there is a serious lack of politicians who are women in our Federal Government? Because I think only morons will adopt the examples of lesser developed countries and suggest to apply to our country. What is this woman thinking?

Saturday August 9, 2008
Better shelter when a woman owns the house

KUALA LUMPUR: Let the wife be the owner of the low-cost home.

This has been the practice in India from 2005 as a way to protect mothers and children as well as a way to prevent husbands from selling the property.

Pakistan introduced similar schemes recently to protect widows and their children and to stop relatives from taking the property away.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said she would be proposing to the Housing and Local Government Ministry to look into the possibility of similar practices to be introduced here.

Of course, I am all for wives owning a piece of the property. In fact, the cars, the house and everything my husband owns, has my name in it. But that’s because he loves me and trusts me enough. Not because he is forced by the law. Moreoever, we now know what a chore it is to transfer the ownership of a deceased person’s properties to the wife. Even a stupid bike’s ownership belonging to the deceased need a shit load of paperworks before the wife can sell off the old junk. Married women, do make sure you get all the paperworks done or else it is one helluva nightmare to claim properties belonging to dead husband. I am talking from experience, having deal with my sis-in-law’s matters.

And is Ng Yen Yen suggesting that poor men are not to be trusted even with a RM25,000 low cost house? Is she saying that all poor men are definitely going to abscond with a RM25K house, leaving the wives homeless? Or does Ng Yen Yen has the vision that we Malaysian women are going to get the kind of treatment like women in the third world? Oh do you know that in Pakistan, if the husband suspects the wife cheats on him, he has the right to whack her senseless? The other day, I watched one documentary where this husband cuts off his wife’s nose, gouged out her eyes and left her to bleed to death. She didn’t die and is now nose-less and eye-less.

Remember this is the Ng Yen Yen who supports men to have mistresses? Yeap, she said so during the Chua Soi Lek’s case. This is also the Ng Yen Yen who said Maid in China will cause all Malaysian men to get lusty.

Aiyorr….are we seriously lacking women politicians or what ah?