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Peeples, buy Guang Ming (Sunday) ok?

I just got a SMS from the Guang Ming journalist that my interview with her will appear in tonight Guang Ming. It is the Sunday’s papers. Faster buy and read hor? Cos I don’t know a word of Mandarin. I think got karer photos somemore *sweats*.

Haih…I somemore coughing like crazy. So much so, I have to skip church duty or else my cough will be louder than the cantors.

Remember hor, buy hor?

Wuah…you see this article, Mr Bulu seems to have a nicer toupee liao. Hensem nyerrr….*breaks out in Bollywood song and dance*

4 Responses to “Peeples, buy Guang Ming (Sunday) ok?”

  1. ok..tomorrow morning i will buy..

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  2. but dunno how to read, got nice pics onot?

  3. don’t know how to read Chinese leh. you interpret and we come by and read the translation can or not?

    allthingspurples last blog post..Bento #47 – Hubby’s Bento

  4. auntie,
    go n sapu the newspaper stand n keep 1copy 4 me. will frame it up and hang it in my toilet….lol
    u semua orang dont know chinese… wat lah..