Peeples, buy Guang Ming (Sunday) ok?

I just got a SMS from the Guang Ming journalist that my interview with her will appear in tonight Guang Ming. It is the Sunday’s papers. Faster buy and read hor? Cos I don’t know a word of Mandarin. I think got karer photos somemore *sweats*.

Haih…I somemore coughing like crazy. So much so, I have to skip church duty or else my cough will be louder than the cantors.

Remember hor, buy hor?

Wuah…you see this article, Mr Bulu seems to have a nicer toupee liao. Hensem nyerrr….*breaks out in Bollywood song and dance*

4 thoughts on “Peeples, buy Guang Ming (Sunday) ok?

  1. auntie,
    go n sapu the newspaper stand n keep 1copy 4 me. will frame it up and hang it in my toilet….lol
    u semua orang dont know chinese… wat lah..

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