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  1. auntie banyakkk famous…i think u better laminate this piece of article..bring it every where and ask for offer šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  2. sujend – I got a whole file of newspapers cuttings liao. But this one fun cos in Chinese and I do not know what they said. Normally, I give written replies.

    cruz – How they refer Auntie lah? Ah yee? Si Lai? Tiu lorrr…likedis mah charm?

  3. cikgu – You know how to read meh?

    Peb – I cut my hair already lorr…Now short like a boy.

    Jeffrey – I wonder which Jeff they quoted then. Cos I only know two Jeffs, you and Jeff Ooi, and my eldest son is Jeff too.

    Liyin – Actually, I don’t know what they said about me so I hope they have an online version and I can Google translate it.

  4. The below translation is direct translation without using proper English. Its for the comment from the first pic. I am translating to practice my Chinese! tried my best. šŸ™‚ Enjoy!

    JT said: Got anything, just say it straight forward! or may be you can gently tell me beside my ear, I’m willing to listen.

    Bryan Said: When its hard to say, may be you can try “drawing” it out.

    Sweet Jasmine said: 5Xmom is going to be on newspaper lor…But i don’t know mandarin words, if got chance may be can ask English media reporter to interview (5xmom)…I am looking forward to meet my idol…

    Jeff said: You are really cute, you let me cry. How i hope my mother can be 5 times like you are. But how can this be, you look like my age but pretending to be YOUNG, people see people love…haha!

    Kadusmama Said: choices, choices, everyday of our life is full of choices… but you let people felt respected is that, everday you can upload more than hundred of articles, therefore; work and blogging can be done together. I admired you, can’t imagine the day without
    reading your blog, this will surely be a hard day to endure.

    Jarods last blog post..Lah Oh Lah…

  5. Jarod – Yakah? Die lor, I wanna sue! Thanks for the translation.

    JT – Wuah…you become femes, want me to whisper in your earss…Tiu lor, later the people who reads think you and I got jalan, how lah? (read Jarod’s translation)

  6. alamak…. hey, neh-mai, u want me to file a ‘statutory declaration’ to deny all jalan-jalan?, but if i disappear after 2 days , how?

    niamah… the translation is like chinese whisper! original posting > ‘go on, tell lah. u can whisper to my ears!’ where got the geli geli feeling i get fr reading the translation, gently this gently tht….yuk piu…now I mati liau, where got someone as handsome as Andy Lau like me be associated with cee lai 5xmum! now me where got face liau!

    JTs last blog post..Hungry Ghost

  7. ya wor, they call u silai leh! in mandarin “shi nai” — “lao shi” (teacher) mia “shi”, “niu nai” (cow’s milk) mia “nai”. nehmind la, silai in mandarin sounds quite soo-boon la, LOL!

  8. Silai is not so pejorative lah. Some HK actors and actresses are called “Silai killer” and they are super famous. Moreover, you are the idol for so many other Silai, so you must be the queen of Silai. šŸ™‚

  9. aiyoh… i should have use whisper instead of “gently tell”… haha! Btw, half page nia… so lil… within minutes alreaDY finish reading it… they should put it at least one whole page for our 5xmom mah!

    Jarods last blog post..Lah Oh Lah…

  10. šŸ™‚

    uncle sha – Mana ada lah…Biasa aje.

    Jarod – Got half page with colour photo enuff lor.

    nick – tks

    mistyeiz – Posing with the phone cos I said I surf from my phone and blog from it as well.

    Bee Ean – Silai meaning not so bad lah? Like tai-tai kind nvm lah.

    sooi – Sounds kinky enuff to me. Hahaha.

    JT – Ptui, Andy Lau konon. Perasan betul

    Bryan – Wuah, so they mentioned lah? Sei for, now my whole neighbourhood knows liao.

  11. Wahhh, celeb. kaki now lah! I was shock to see this familiar face and the “5xmom” on the paper. I don’t read Chinese(sorry) but the picture was enough to tell me what was going on loh. I am not sure what the content was(since I can’t read Chinese) but must be good right?

    Anyway, my dear reads Chinese and she was the one telling me about what the paper wrote about you. It sounded familiar and when I took a peek, terperanjat!! Wah, the thing that caught her most is that the paper wrote how much you make, she even grumble that I work like shit and don’t get paid like that…..asked me to also write blog woh!

    Anyway, told her that I visits your blogs as well and it is kind of different feeling now suddenly the whole Malaysia knows you as well(including those who don’t surf the web).

    I can just see 5xmom now still floating high above ground level………..with a big sinister grin on her face……
    Now you will get even higher traffic loh……..ching-ching, ching-ching….$$$$

  12. Contratulations!! 5xmom created headlines in the papers. Definitely every Penang bloggers idol. .. you sure have your timing well plan to be able to maintain your blogs so well.
    Btw… great T-shirt too.

    ck lams last blog post..Padang Brown, Penang

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