Men, Dr Ng said, would be thinking of satisfying their own needs instead of putting their family first.

“If they see RM1,000 in the bank account, they will be thinking of buying cigarettes, alcohol and 4-D before going home,” she said at the opening ceremony of National Autism Society of Malaysia-Kiwanis PJ Autism One-Stop Centre here yesterday.

(The Star)


Ng Yen Yen said men are not to be trusted. They shouldn’t own homes. In short, Ng Yen Yen said all men are useless, good for nothing, sex maniacs, untrustworthy, mou kwai yong, sui yong, ching kak, kham sau…..

Damn…I can’t farking believe women like these can become leaders….Yam goong lor, if a woman like her become the Prime Minister, she may even suggest kembiri (castrate) all men. Just take some good sperms and give to women to procreate by IVF.

Listen here, Yen Yen jie-jie ah, social problems like those cannot be solved with a single law. One galah want to swipe everything like this, cannot work one. You should start with educating the women folks not to take craps. Empower the women, give them more courses, train them, provide them shelters, let them learn skills, give them a sense of self-worth and whatever happened, it is part of life. You cannot take the role of trying to be martyr and save them with suggestions like these. Stop living in the dark ages.

Niamah, as it we women need women leaders like her and Kak Pidah…