In case you men missed what Ng Yen Yen said about you…

Men, Dr Ng said, would be thinking of satisfying their own needs instead of putting their family first.

“If they see RM1,000 in the bank account, they will be thinking of buying cigarettes, alcohol and 4-D before going home,” she said at the opening ceremony of National Autism Society of Malaysia-Kiwanis PJ Autism One-Stop Centre here yesterday.

(The Star)


Ng Yen Yen said men are not to be trusted. They shouldn’t own homes. In short, Ng Yen Yen said all men are useless, good for nothing, sex maniacs, untrustworthy, mou kwai yong, sui yong, ching kak, kham sau…..

Damn…I can’t farking believe women like these can become leaders….Yam goong lor, if a woman like her become the Prime Minister, she may even suggest kembiri (castrate) all men. Just take some good sperms and give to women to procreate by IVF.

Listen here, Yen Yen jie-jie ah, social problems like those cannot be solved with a single law. One galah want to swipe everything like this, cannot work one. You should start with educating the women folks not to take craps. Empower the women, give them more courses, train them, provide them shelters, let them learn skills, give them a sense of self-worth and whatever happened, it is part of life. You cannot take the role of trying to be martyr and save them with suggestions like these. Stop living in the dark ages.

Niamah, as it we women need women leaders like her and Kak Pidah…

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  1. wow..congratulations, Miss Chan… yr family must be pretty proud of u.. so popular already… i dont dare to dream of that…haha… other than u, there is this samm too, being interviewed in the STAR, an IPOHian… perhaps u know her too… anywaysss, all the best and keep blogging in yr own unique style…

    claires last blog post..My Name Is Grumpy today…

  2. A few times I go oversea, when people asked which country I come from, I also malu, darn not say from M’sia also. Last time got the semi value guy, lagi charm leh. Some of the ministers make us, citizen, so malu wan…

    big bright head

    Big Bright Heads last blog post..You are a bright head!

  3. See, what i tell you is true. These menopause auntie is still sexually active and her dr husband having problem standing up even with the magical blue pill also got problem so cant get enough of sex and being a woman and menteri must keep low profile cannot do anything stupid wait kena tangkap by paparazzi so being under sex talking cock.KNNCCB what cock you talking hah? Just because your husband cannot be trusted and probably shagging some china doll and maybe because you menopause, hormone imbalance you dont know what you are you takling about? with this stupid comment of yours offending , i guarantee you sure kalah the mca vp post! you think you very smart? you jadi menteri because of must thank PR for kicking out your mca comrades and with not many ppl to choose from then you jadi menteri. Lu ingat lu pandai/ Even Pak lah dont trust you. He appoint Sharizat to look after malay because he knows you are a piece of shit. Just think hard before you give stupid statement, ok lau char boh?

  4. she is digging her own graveyard infront of her house. for the sake if she really meant what she said, she should divorce her husband, throw away his son which both of them just be so f**king proud infront of newspaper during the March election?!!!?

    blink4blogs last blog post..what to lie today?

  5. kahkahkah, peoples, NYY talk mengikut keadaan wan. She like no fixed principles, simply say what suits the occasion and then, never give forethought. IF she is a blogger like me, can lah. Tok kok, no capital wan. But she is the freaking woman leader of the Malaysian Chinese Association mah..right? Everyday act like she can solve all human problems with her lansi-lanyong ‘setting the law’ as if life is so easy to deal with. Women like her who live a rich tai-tai don’t understand the hardships of poor folks and hence, think poor folks got no feelings, no principle, no moral.

    It is because of her lack of sensitivities to the poor people in our country that pissed me off lor. All her actions and words clearly show she never feel their difficulties, why they end up like that and etc. She only see ‘poor people = useless people’ so let her fixed them with rules and regulations. Niamah.

  6. doesnt apply to all men larrr

    but then again, i watched a documentary..about this company that lends money to the poor..mostly women..cause they care for their child and will put the money to good use.

  7. Lilian ah… last night I shook hands with yr ‘BF’ lah! First time I saw CM up close and I was thinking of you. It was at a charity dinner.

    My friends were very excited too …. and said to me ‘ no need to wash hands lah!’ …… hahaha.

    Wah, you jealous or not ??

    PS: Yes! he is leng chai

    Ok ok , now about this NYY person… wonder what her husband is like ah? Look out NYY …. the men are angry oredi lor!

  8. Like I always say…most politicians, men or women, whichever party, are nothing more than lying, talam dua muka, crooks.

  9. Foong – Yalor, yalor, that’s why smart women like you and I never join political parties lorr….*perasan sial*

    Momo – Aiyor, you say like that, next time if I see him, I dunno where to my ‘hidung tak mancung’ face liao. Where got leng chai lah, so nerdy wan. Shhh…

  10. Bryan – That Hamik guy makes my blood boil. In fact, the whole bunch make me so geram but I dare not speak about it, later masuk ISA jugak. Little bit, little bit, go kacau up like the world is ending like dat. Somemore got bomb thimmmm….chisin

  11. Oh, IF I see RM1,000.00 in my bank account, I will GO HOME STRAIGHT AWAY!!!! Why? Ask my wife WTF happened mah! Bwahahaha!!!

  12. Snake Terence – This woman really see poor people no up wan, day after day, she really looked down on the already down-trodden. It is the farked up gahmen that leads to so much poverty in the lower income folks and yet, she got no sympathy but tok kok like she can castrate all misbehaving men. yerrr…geram nyer.

  13. First word to YY: KNN-NCB! Oi, who told u that every man do like that! There are so many men who bring their hard earned money home to feed their children and wife wei! How can you CB compare like that!…. benggang! can some one cucuk her or sew her mouth..nothing good come from her!

  14. Globok!! CCB! NYY you go and PK!

    Where got meaning like this one? Maybe ah, she got bad personal experience that is why say things like that. But still !!!

    Celaka really! That is what happened lah when you put a loud mouth and air brain up there! You get lot’s of HOT AIR!

    5xmom, think you better write her and tell her what you said above, she might as well asked all men to go be monk loh!

    You also celeb now mah, maybe she will take your advice mah.

  15. with ppl like tht holding top gorment positions, no wonder malaysia always take 1 step forward, 2 steps back….
    but i am surprised why no ‘MAN’ would challenge her statements? this is a typical malaysian attitude….’i’ll raise my bucket only if the fire torches my house…..’ mentality

    too many of them has been let off lightly.

    JTs last blog post..Hungry Ghost

  16. first and foremost, cannot believe someone could even say that. Takkan la ALL MEN like that. at least if she says most men like that ke, ok la jugak..because it is really hard to find good men nowdays. tapi , women pun lebih kurang je..ada jugak yg not so good and wants to rampas other people’s husband just because they find faults with their husbands.
    BUkan nak try settle their own husband but find worse alternative that could lead to more problems.
    What is out world coming to now..

    royalshoppingarcades last blog post..BSC WIP FLEA MARKET/BAZAAR

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