I on MC

I must have bumped into some la-sam ghost lah. I got sick on Wednesday and after five days, I still sick wor. Choy…hungry ghosts possessed me liao. Ptui, ptui, phhhoottttuuui!

Not just keh-keh sick but real-real sick. So sick until I ponteng church on Saturday and Sunday because I have a throbbing headache, weird voice, cough like a male dog on heat when a bitch is around…you know…the kind of ah..wwwwoooooo…..If I open my mouth in any air-conditioned place, lagi teruk I cough.

So, this morning, I call in sick and didn’t go for my volunteer work ‘cos the people there have low immunity so I have to stay away from them. No gaji work so I suka-suka can give self MC.

I am not sure what is today’s big event but my place here hor, they pray the hungry ghosts and burnt the whole patch of green grass on the kerb. Ish, I better don’t curse those people who burnt the grass. Or those people who leave the foods they offered by the roadside, giving the dogs, crows and all kind of animals to mess up.

Talking about ghosts, the other day, my eldest son’s went to Merit Seri Sayang with his friends for a two-nights apartment stay. First thing I heard, I told him….”Wuah…that place haunted one….you dare to go ah? Make sure you don’t go swimming. And hor, you want to bring a rosary (our Catholic prayer beads) there? Got ghosts wan….last time when you were small, we brought you there and though you didn’t cry, my ex-colleagues heard children crying from our room wan…..Real wan…Sure you want to go ah?” I told him if he doesn’t believe me, just Google it. And he said, “Google what lah, sure get your own blog posts only.” Heh….my son also know that I pwnd the internet with my rubbish posts.

Anyway…I don’t believe in this hantu-hantu thingie wan, I saja talk for the sake of talking. I have been taking Panadol Cold and Flu, Rhinathol caplet, Nin Jom cough syrup but the flu bug won’t die. And I am not going to see a doctor because I am allergic to most antibiotics (the penicillin and bactrium group) and the only one that suits me costs a lot of money plus is a very strong antibiotic. So, I let the flu bug fights it out with my 5xmom armies of 5ximmunity. Maybe tonight I go play handball and see if I can faint on the court. I have watched Olympics handball and think I can jump like those players. Booyeah!

7 thoughts on “I on MC

  1. you mean you play hand ball like those beach volley ball like in the Olympic ah? like the ones the skinny girls wearing nothing but 2 piece underwear kah? wuah..very sexciting just thinking of 5xmom in those skimpy uniform & playing ball in the sand! I like to watch…

    wuchings last blog post..Very quick update

  2. wuching – yayayaya, same sport, same ball, same court, same everything except the skimpy uniform kehkehkeh

    bryan – I went to sweat out the drugs from my system mah

    alina – Tks

    Foong – Gimme a V!

    cat – If you believe, they will follow you worrrr…

    kadusmama – My PC in my bedroom mah, distraction lor.

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