I had wanted to write about Wanita MCA going to jihad but was away this morning. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have NOT seen the photo in The Star, do surf over and see how the previous candidate for Bayan Baru Pantai Jerjak (nay, the area I vote), that Wanita MCA whatshername fighting a jihad. I met the politikus when I was voting in Sek. Keb. Sungai Nibong on March 8, damn belagak ‘cos a whole pack of reporters were following her and taking pictures. Niamah, I am a voter and she never even smile at me.

So, nah, padan muka, kalah ledi to Sdr. Sim Dato’ Zahrain of PKR. Now, wanna go jihad together with Sharizat. Please lah, God doesn’t need aunties to wave flags like that lah. Just go out and help the poor people in your constituencies lah. Want to wave wave so much, go sidai the seluar dalam, baju dalam kat rumah lah. (I have the full list of the election candidates here on my old post)

Well, it is so ridiculous of Barisan Nasional and UMNO to push the blame when they openly owed RM218 million. UMNO said it is BN’s shit. Whatever it is, read what DAP said about this expenditure in the 2004 General Election. DAP said the Election Commission has failed to carry out its duty to ensure that the expenditure for election campaigns are within a certain budget for every parties to ensure fairness. Now, can you imagine how much BN has spent in the 2008 election? Yesterday, I picked up a blog from Malaysiakini and this blogger lamented how much his grandfather and his grandfather’s friends have suffered due to this loss (of UMNO not paying the company) because these retirees have pooled their pension funds to set up the company. (I just cannot find the URL right now)

Ahh…si fook sai…(had wanted to rant about this since morning but was away)