Wanita MCA also going to jihad?

I had wanted to write about Wanita MCA going to jihad but was away this morning. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have NOT seen the photo in The Star, do surf over and see how the previous candidate for Bayan Baru Pantai Jerjak (nay, the area I vote), that Wanita MCA whatshername fighting a jihad. I met the politikus when I was voting in Sek. Keb. Sungai Nibong on March 8, damn belagak ‘cos a whole pack of reporters were following her and taking pictures. Niamah, I am a voter and she never even smile at me.

So, nah, padan muka, kalah ledi to Sdr. Sim Dato’ Zahrain of PKR. Now, wanna go jihad together with Sharizat. Please lah, God doesn’t need aunties to wave flags like that lah. Just go out and help the poor people in your constituencies lah. Want to wave wave so much, go sidai the seluar dalam, baju dalam kat rumah lah. (I have the full list of the election candidates here on my old post)

Well, it is so ridiculous of Barisan Nasional and UMNO to push the blame when they openly owed RM218 million. UMNO said it is BN’s shit. Whatever it is, read what DAP said about this expenditure in the 2004 General Election. DAP said the Election Commission has failed to carry out its duty to ensure that the expenditure for election campaigns are within a certain budget for every parties to ensure fairness. Now, can you imagine how much BN has spent in the 2008 election? Yesterday, I picked up a blog from Malaysiakini and this blogger lamented how much his grandfather and his grandfather’s friends have suffered due to this loss (of UMNO not paying the company) because these retirees have pooled their pension funds to set up the company. (I just cannot find the URL right now)

Ahh…si fook sai…(had wanted to rant about this since morning but was away)

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  1. Sharizat fighting for the GOOD of the rakyat??!!! Ptui!!!

    That bitch closed down her service centre and community centre at her constituency a week after she lost in the March elections. But prior to the elections, she spent thousands to paint the building and refurbish the community centre. Now its just locked up. So its like if she wins, she continues to help the people there. But if she loses, the community there loses as well. This is BN for you.

    Now she is barking up north????? Woof woof!!! Niamah!!!

  2. Snake Terence – That Wanita MCA hor, I heard hor…only gossips lah…but I think I read this from the papers…she collected donations for the building of some school but apparently, the school never get the money or something like that.

    And this one is out of the topic *not related wan lah but this is my blog so I can say mah*, some wanita mca member hor, I heard from the market lah… got jalan with some man. She married liao wan, skandal jugak but no CSL video. If got, no one also want to see lah. Ptui.

  3. Wei, that auntie damn berlagak wan lar. during campaign period also very berlagak, never even bother to go around to shake hands with her voters but sent ‘representatives’ to do it for her. Serve her right lar, kalah till muka no place to taruh.
    and the gossip goes liddis…she is single, the man married. then she go kau sua the man and split the marriage. so now the man married to her lor. also, she has a lot of other issues also..ask gangsters to go halau tenants for her without giving tenants notice. ada banyak juicy story lar.

    Foongs last blog post..The controversial forum and ISA

  4. Foong – Wakakakah…so you also heard lah? But my version was both also ‘thau-jiak’. I see her there, ampu bodek or what we Hokkien language say, ‘hu ahpong’ (the female version of poh-lam-par), with all the jihad call, si beh tulan nia.

  5. The UMNO vs BN shxt… I can’t imagine that. Squandered so much money from us taxpayers, and now, got guts to waste the money just for campaigning, got face somemore to owe other people money, got strength somemore to tai chi here and there. The tai chi eventually ended up getting themselves “zau fo yap mor”.

    Now the term “wasting money of taxpayers like us” (like how they say it in TVB dramas) makes so much sense… Sigh…

    Just two words for Shahrizat – shaddap, loser!

    David C.s last blog post..IQ Test

  6. The UMNO and BN shxt… After daringly squandering money of us taxpayers, and now, they even have guts to use the money like water just for campaigning, have face to owe people money, and have strength to tai chi here and there. Tell you, one day they will “zau fo yap mor”…

    Now, the phrase “wasting all the money of us the taxpayers”, like how they said it in many TVB drama, makes much sense… Sigh…

    One phrase for Shahrizat – shaddap, loser!

    David C.s last blog post..IQ Test

  7. I guess she has not seen “Achmed the Terrorist” video then, Jihad woh! Let’s see what happens come 26th Aug, already lost to DSAI daughter now want to come and cabar the father……..

    This people hah, open their mouth only condemn condemn condemn people none stop. Somehow the BN politician always think the people’s IQ is zero, don’t know to think for themselves.

    She claim DSAI will destroy the country if he returns to Gomen, my goodness, haven’t she realize yet our current situation is almost at the rock bottom of the barrel already and who’s fault is it? No law, cannot trust the police, cari makan susah…..how bad more must the country get before she realize BN sucks doing their job! Everyday out in the real world, I meet people and all they do is shake head when asked “how’s business….”

    Jihad your fat ass lah!! TOOLAN!!

  8. I tried to post a long comment but it seems disappeared… 🙁

    So, I just wanna say one phrase for Shahrizat – shaddap la, loser!!

    David C.s last blog post..IQ Test

  9. pablo – Yalor, mystery. Hehehe.

    David – All your posts went into spam comment pulak. I rescued them out liao. Jihad worrrr….so scary likedat.

    toolan – Things are getting ridiculous by the day… Haih…

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