WTF, LOL, My name is Marilyn!

This is just tooooo farneee…..I did a Google translate and my name has turned to Marilyn (Monroe so sexy likedat).

And hor, JT, you si peh hum sup, asking me to :

“What is on the straight Well! Perhaps you can also quietly next to my ears that I am willing to listen to…”

Tiu lor.. how old are you again liao? I don’t mess with young toy boys one, ok?


And this wtf translation makes me wanna die LOL,

Marilyn has also Penang Chief Minister Lin Guanying, the first “fan”, the election period, in her blog published many articles on political topics, each frantically following the political Kai. She tried to track northward overnight south of candidates give a speech and the scene via cell phone to upload the latest news, live reports for the netizens fact, is truly “Housewife reporters.”

Tomorrow I must go and dye my hair blonde, plant a tahi lalat on my cheek, buy lots of sponge and stuff in my pasar malam bra and wear blue contact lens liao.

If you have the stomach take Google translation, go read it here. I dare not read, my hair stands on end. Now, I regret I never study Mandarin. And the original article is over here.

I hope Marilyn Monroe’s hungry ghost doesn’t come haunt me tonight.

P/S : Streamyx has farked up big time here in Penang again. I cannot access Blogger and many other US sites.

11 thoughts on “WTF, LOL, My name is Marilyn!

  1. Marilyn ah …. suit you lar ! I read the translation ….. WTF they talking about ??? Directly translated lar.. that is why…

    Wah you famous oredi …..

    When your fansee can meet you ah ??

  2. hahaha.. how come like that lah.. they state out ur site address that has ur name, still they got your name wrong.. lauzi 1..

  3. Piggieboo – No lah, not them. They got my name right, li (beautiful) lian (lotus) but when I use Google translate, it comes out sounding marilyn pulak. NVM wor, I like!

    momo – Aiyer, what fansee lah. I nobody lah.

  4. haha! I have tried the google translate…i know it was out of track, THERE was once i translate and i laugh the whole night!!!

    So, shall we change ur name to marilyn? 🙂

    Jarods last blog post..5xmom on newspaper!

  5. ops.. !! hehe.. paisey 😛 den fast fast dye ur hair blonde lah, easier for your fansee and CM to spot u.. wahahaha

  6. cia lat liau…. the google translate machine even worse!
    I plead again… ‘ wuan ong ah’!!
    ”water wash also cannot clear liau…”

    toy boy? in yr dream…me macho man never bow down to cah boh one. lol

    JTs last blog post..Hungry Ghost

  7. How in the world did this happened? Try super imposing your picture on the Marilyn picture you have and see which blonde fits you first……after wrong blonde color susah loh.

    Ha, ha, can just picture this blonde lady with her “bugman” sunglasses outside of Tesco and blogging away with her P1…..that would be a sight!

  8. You should tell them ppl call you Ah Lian. Then sure no translation issues. Ah Lian in Chinese = Ah Lian in English= Ah Lian in German = Ah Lian in French and so on. Bwahaha!!! *runs*

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