Does your child believe in Santa Claus?

I know it is too early to be talking about Santa Claus and Christmas. After all, it is only August, man! But I wonder if other parents indulge their children with tales like Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy? I do. I even have Fairy Godmother as well.

Some parents may say it is not healthy to indulge our kids with make belief figures like these and they may insist to teach them about reality of life. But then, the innocence of childhood only last like six to seven years and if you missed out that precious moments, you won’t be able to capture it back.

When I was working and was the harried parent with little time to spend with my kids, both hubby and I used to buy them gifts and leave them under their pillows and said it is from Fairy Godmother. Then, when they drop their milk teeth, Tooth Fairy will give them money.

After some years, they do know where these come from. And they do not mind it at all. But the most wonderful time is of course during Christmas when they wait for Santa Claus to bring them presents. We would help them hang stockings and pillow cases (because it is larger and takes in more toys) by the window sills.

Now, I cannot wait for Christmas to arrive so that’s why I can once again play Santa to my little five years old. [rssless]It is a tradition handed down from my late father to me. When I was six years old, he forced me to write a letter to Santa. I didn’t know ABC back then but father said I must write a letter to Santa Claus or I won’t get any gifts from him. So, I still remember the nightmare of writing that short letter.

However, true enough, on Christmas, I did get my presents! Santa Claus really flew from the North Pole to deliver gifts to me in a tiny kampung! That’s why I have always hold dear to the tradition of Santa letter in exchange for gifts from Santa.

Now, kids are much luckier. In this age, they get Letters from Santa instead of writing to him. The fun doesn’t end there. Santa letters come with gifts.

So, are you surprising your kids with gifts given impromptu and with a touch of mystery? Do it, they love it. [/rssless]

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  1. Lilian, I think I will take out my Christmas CDs and start playing them now.

    That would put me in the same mood as you!

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