New addition to the family

I didn’t mention that I was once again, made a grand-auntie on August 6th (I think?). Oh dear, the name gives me the image of a white hair, high bun held with hair pins, a batman style glasses, knitting little booties and maybe toothless grand auntie like Eliza Clark or Mrs. Santa Claus. But that’s what I am now. Grand aunt. And the best thing is I am going to be grand aunt again in October. My eldest sister’s three children decided to make her a grandma three time within four months.

My nephew’s wife, Mich gave birth to a baby boy a few days ago but I only managed to get hold of Baby G’s photo today because the handsome little boy was undergoing phototherapy treatment in the hospital and both the new mommy and daddy were too busy with him to upload the pictures. The photo is in Facebook if you wish to see the handsome little boy.

Congrats HM and Mich! Thank God and Praise Him.

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