Touchy, touchy, everybody is so touchy

In case you wish to see what RM13K of dental works look like, you can view a photo here. Scroll down to the bottom, the guy with the beard. In case you do not know what I am talking about, here is the news from Malaysiakini.

Rasuah: KP didakwa rawat gigi RM13,860
Aug 13, 08 12:09pm
Ketua Pengarah Pelancongan Malaysia mengaku tidak bersalah di Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur hari ini atas tuduhan rasuah membabitkan rawatan gigi berjumlah RM13,860 pada 2004.

Datuk Mirza Mohd Tayab didakwa mengikut Seksyen 165 Kanun Keseksaan di hadapan hakim Fathiyah Idris.

Wahhh…if I can have RM13K, I also won’t torture myself under a dentist’s hand.

The next few paras have nothing to do with the above.

Anyway….everyone is getting latah over stupid misunderstandings. They refuse to listen and just babble and create more panic. They are on the verge of a mental breakdown, screaming hysterically over non-issues. Stupid lah.

It is marvellous how we can gauge how stupid a person is from the way they express their thoughts on their blogs. No, I am not dissing fellow bloggers who are regular people like me. I am talking about those goons who are supposed to be a level above us who think just because they can coin some peribahasa, they can call themselves bloggers.

Last night, my server experienced some problems and I spent time reading blogs by those goons. I tell you, the kind of comments they get made me really laughed till I almost stomach cramps.

One of them asked, Wak, kemana wak pergi masa forum? Batang hidung pun tak nampak, sekarang baru nak cakap besar. Kahkahkah…biasaler….semua ni macam lintah….

And lately, they are picking on us. Us means people of my faith. They try to dictate what we can read and what we are not suppose to know. I wonder…if the newsletter sing praises for the Bee-eNd parties, will they do the same? I guess paranoia has clouded their judgement. They are now desperate. Like a drowning person, they grab everything and everyone and try to stay afloat. Like a possessed person with a gun, they will run around and take everyone down with them.

And that bald guy…he has super vision. (Eh, I have nothing against bald guys ok, I think bald is sexy but not this one lah) He doesn’t know what the forum is all about, and yet, he seems to know it is fiery. Now, before an issue of newsletter is published and circulated, he already knows the content. Maybe he is like prophet Daniel with the gift of prophecy?

And yeah, I am mumbling without clear references because everyone is so touchy and any one of us are at risk of pissing off those who can suka-suka slap the law on us.

I think if more pressure is applied, someone is gonna blowwww…..*poof*

5 thoughts on “Touchy, touchy, everybody is so touchy

  1. Server down ar? I tot you masuk ISA. Wanted to order roast pig from the butcher liao. Cut, pack and throw one piece a day. Bwahaha!!!

  2. Bryan – I tried Google image to find the teeth but that’s the best photo I could find. I si peh curious how RM13K teeth look like mah. Like teeth whitening until sparkle like diamond.

    pablo -I want babi Cina, ok? Not local pigs, must come from Cina.

    Snake Terence – I want whole babi Cina lah, so I can share with others mah.

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