I am going to do this little meme from Moo Mommy. But I am only doing question one.

This meme is pretty simple.
Here are the rules:
1.) List down the household chores you hate and why. Do you think you
can survive without helpers and nannies?

Household chores I hate?

  1. Ironing  (never have to do it ‘cos hubby DIY)
  2. Washing plates (only do it when I am short of a spoon or cup)
  3. Drying clothes (now we use the sun and not the dryer ‘cos my hubby is ubah-ing gaya hidup-ing KNN)
  4. Mopping (cos my sons will play slide and ice-skating if I do it, rolling on the slippery floor and if I am not watching, the young ones will strip nekid and slide across the living room)
  5. Dusting (achooo)
  6. Touching any detergent, cleaning chemicals or anything that can potentially cause my hands to get rough
  7. Gardening (not that I have any)
  8. General Housekeeping
  9. Throwing out garbage (never have to do it because I have many male slaves at home)
  10. Washing toilet (OMG, I haven’t done that for more than a decade already!)
  11. And every blardy things that need cleaning
  12. Changing bedsheets (but my helper does that alternate week)

Okokok, I know I failed miserably as a housewife.  I am only good in cooking, taking care of kids, staying sane, never nag, providing comfort and sex and listening ears to hubby.  Having said that, I am not a slob and I insist on neatness.  Go figure.

Can I survive without helpers?  I don’t have a permanent one but my relative works for me twice a week and she keeps everything spick and span.  She has been with us for over 10 years and she is part of the family.  So, no I cannot survive without helpers to clean house.  But I won’t have nannies or permanent maids.  Don’t blame me for being hopeless with housework.  I was a pampered youngest kid so I never have to lift a finger.  I got sisters and brothers to do that for me yo.  Then, I was smart enough to find a man who loves doing all those chores so I am saved!  Hallelujah, praise the Lord!  I love You, Jesus Christ!  Please don’t ever assign me to be janitor in the Garden of Eden.  I will be the Mary instead of Martha. I will spend my days at Your feet, adoring You and give You reflexology, Lord. Kehkehkeh….

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Men – Do you know that women love men who can clean house and cook? Don’t know ah? Real one, go clean house lah! Faster go!