Parenting and politics are no different

I know I haven’t been writing any deep-deep, profound posts for a while. Usually, I just crap whatever I find in the papers. Sort of scratching on the surface kind of post. I am not PMS-ing yet so you just have to wait till I PMS-ing or Men-O-pausing, whichever comes first before you can find any oomph posts. And I don’t particularly feel emo so no emo posts either. BTW, I am not going to Singapore so soon. Cos they don’t allow me to deal with my online work (the price of me being too truthful) and I have to pay for the first unit (costs close to RM5K not inclusive of expenses) and to be reimbursed after I have ‘prove I have the material’. I cannot agree with the ‘prove’ part because I know my Lord doesn’t need me to prove to anyone if I have said ‘yes Lord’ and I won’t do it to prove to any corporation. Ok, I am obnoxious. So the deal is off for the time being.

Now, lately, I am getting pissy because I cannot understand why politicians with their maturity cannot see that politics and parenting are no different.

We do not apply two sets of rules.

We have to mete out discipline with principles and not with our feelings.

We have to set good examples and it is sometimes not easy to be good all the time but we have to do it anyway.

We have to act civilised even when we do not agree with each other.

We have our own strengths and weaknesses and we know when to let the other party leads and we stay behind and shut up (even when we do not agree with the other party’s decision) and vice versa.

We do not do things that are deemed sinful, e.g. stealing, taking bribes, taking shortcuts due to laziness, telling lies and etc because we know we are responsible people that children (or the nation) look up to.

We openly admit to our kids that yeah, we are not angels and that’s the best we can do. So, sorry, yeah, I fucked up and we just have to deal with it together and hope it won’t happen again.

We allow our kids to criticise, shout, show temper, express their real feelings, call each other names and etc because we know ultimately, we are family and we accept each other shortcomings.

We listen and we are not afraid of being threatened by their need for freedom.

Now, tell me. Those people who are politicians. I bet they are mostly parents. Why the hell they cannot just stick to simple guides like how they bring up their children and use it to drive our nation forward with the same principles? Or are they really bad parents in the first place?

8 thoughts on “Parenting and politics are no different

  1. Maybe this is how we the sane/straight/humble people raise our children. We want our children to be good, I always teach my kids “Do not do onto others what you do not wish others to do upon you”…..of cause I can’t explain like this to my kids lah, too deep for them now but I always give example. Be it simple thing from driving, queuing to lying, figthing etc etc..

    But unfortunately, our current government behaves like movies depicting bad step parents. Government treat Bumi’s like own sons and daughters but non-bumi are all adopted sons and daughters, therefore adopted children are not given the same treatment like their own children.

    A-sai boh explain like that??? Now I need my coffee coz still too early and you started off with deep deep stuff lah…

  2. BN PP candidate against DSAI, Shah Omar “speaks” Mandarin and Hokkien. Ha ha! So what? He has an AMNO mind. Mind you, as a Mamak, he was the one who led the anti-Chinese/Indian protest in Penang in Komtar in order to demonise Lim Guang Eng. The Chinese and Indian voters will compare the notes with him on voting day when they will award him zero contract (vote).

  3. Actually in the perfect world, there are ways which a politician can deal with things fairly, which ppl outside Malaysia will call the “law”.

    Too bad in Malaysia, the “law”, the enforcers, and the politicians work hand in hand.

    Klaws last blog post..UiTM – Universiti Teknologi MUNDUR

  4. Klaw – Ya, things are going so crazy, blame here, twist there.

    Abdullah – Hahaha, go read what Jeff Ooi revealed.

    toolan – Wuah, like this considered deep?

    Jeffrey – But ‘boss’ is an exception hor? Result of good upbringing hor?

    Foong – I wonder…so much lies, so much denial, so much fitnah…All rotting.

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