Wall-E and the poor Olympic widow (me!)

I just watched Wall-E with my three sons. Poor me has to go alone with the two younger monkeys. But boh pien, the kids were screaming Wall-E! Wall-E! Wall-E! while the hubby is more interested in Chong Wei! Chong Wei! Chong Wei!

So, he told me to go alone with them eventhough I hate the ideas of the monkeys fighting over their popcorns and coke. True enough, the iced-lemon tea spilled on the floor at GSC before we even get into the cinema.

But being the obedient woman on leash (heh, this is just to appease those men who are riled that we women don’t do housework), I gwai-gwai get off the car with the boys. Well, what’s Wall-E like? It is rather the adult show because of the feelings involved between the poor, lonely, desperate Wall-E with Eve. Wall-E is that rusty, rubbish compactor who has a crush with Eve, the white, modern robot. I love Pixar movies because they can really burrow into our feelings with those little nuances and beep-peep-teet sounds. But personally, I love The Cars and The Incredibles more than Wall-E.

Maybe I like Wall-E less because of the lack of conversations. I am too dull to catch all the signals and sights, you see. Reading the Malay subtitles don’t help much. However, the animation is really cun. It is funny how destructive Eve was when ‘she’ first landed on earth. Zapped, kaboom, poof, big hole.

Anyway, my kids love the movie and the youngest one LOL most of the times. He is most amused with Pizza Plant.

After the show, my eldest son came to pick us because hubby is watching the mother of all badminton matches. So, during dinner, sons and I were talking about ‘where is your daddy?’. Like I said, hubby was home. At Goodall Hawker Centre, some of the patrons were watching the badminton live and cheering.

So, #3 son asked, “Why papa so crazy about badminton ah?”

#2 son, “How we know lah? It is just one stupid game of two men shuttling cocks.” Bwahaha…

And I reminded them about something we heard today at noon. We desperately need a gold Olympic medal to mask the ugliness of the current things going on. Heh.

Oh ya, talking about noon today, my eldest son ferried my other sons to church! OMG! I have to go earlier as I need to check the slides on the Powerpoint so I drove there alone. Initial plan was for hubby to babysit the youngest but he had to do something for his sister. So, no choice, the older son had to bring the youngest there and I couldn’t jaga him either because I need to concentrate on the slides. And my little boy was soooooooo angelic throughout the whole mass, sitting next to my #2 son while #1 son was with #3 far away. (I need to separate the #3 and #5 or else they get noisy and crazy). I am so, so, so proud of him, sitting there, kneeling, standing and even doing the crosses on que. But that’s not all.

While we were in the car, the little boy even quoted something he heard at homily. He even know how to pronounce the word Gahvernmen. Fuyoh! Is he smart or is the homily good? Or maybe both.

Another day in the life of a bored housewife. Yippee, the weekend is here! I have lector’s formation (seminar) tomorrow and the handball competition is on Sunday. CHS folks, come support lah! Hahaha, this is really the mother of all handball competition ‘cos we are mostly mothers mah. Suppose to begin at 1 pm till 6 pm, on round robin basis. But I guess my team will get kicked out early because none of us are good goalkeeper. I have to be the goalkeeper simply because I am the tallest. Doh…my reflex action cacat wan wei. I want to be a striker….I like to score goals!

5 thoughts on “Wall-E and the poor Olympic widow (me!)

  1. what is Wall-E? niamah, i feel so old today.
    LCW played well and won deservedly. 1 mil, sure or not? so, 500K for silver?

    JTs last blog post..New dawn

  2. JT – Eh, Andy Lau look-alike, why you so outdated wan? When was the last time you watched a movie lah?

    kadusmama – I hope he wins lor but knowing how easy Malaysian athletes ‘pamcit’ whenever pressure is applied, I can only pray for miracle.

    worn out @ 50 – You got an interesting blog there! Come by often and get to know my bunch of wacky blog readers.

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