A seize the moment photo


Life is about seizing the moment so that we catch the beautiful things that pass by. This is one of the seize the moment photo of complete bliss and happiness. The joy of watching two kids cosily tucked into their ‘library’, reading. Grab the camera, took the picture and it is etched in my mind forever.

I just watched the 100m in the Olympics. It is also the seize the moment in our lives. One day, we will look back and remember the tall, tall chap from Jamaica who strolls through a world record. He made a dash and when he knows he is ahead, he just relaxed till the finishing line.

Don’t forget to seize the moment, always.

4 thoughts on “A seize the moment photo

  1. Nice Photo! I always have my faithful digital camera with me too. And yeah I saw the Jamaican guy. It was like a breeze to him and you can see the other runners are still running for their life, huffing and puffing. I think this Jamaican guy is going to win for sure 🙂

    Peb@ FoodmadeSimples last blog post..Marble Cake

  2. Such a sweet pic. Yup.. my friend claimed that photo is the best thing to capture moment like that and it will stay there forever. She is taking pic of her daughter every moment every day. She wants to keep it for her daughter when she grows up. Hopefully her daughter will cherish it.

  3. I can run faster than that in a 100m dash.

    When I am being chased by some Ah Longs. Bwahahaha!!!

  4. Snake Terence – Tiu

    choonie – But not to many lah, see until it becomes meaningless sometimes.

    Peb – It is good to see Jamaica and Trinidad monopolize the race instead of the US of A.

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