AnilNetto is blogging live from Permatang Pauh

If you are curious about what’s going on in Permatang Pauh, head over to Anilnetto’s blog to catch the latest news. Interesting….

Shall we also pray for the Permatang Pauh By-Election?
(in case you are not aware, the Home Minister warned our private circulation newsletter, The Herald not to touch on politics or risk suspension. You can judge for yourself if that prayer is in anyway ‘sensitive’.)

6 thoughts on “AnilNetto is blogging live from Permatang Pauh

  1. What I want to see is what those god-damned BN ass lickers are going to react/do/behave when DSAI eventually becomes the PM.

    Many are shitting in their pants, many are transferring their money to offshore accounts, many are planning to migrate. Some women is shouting jihad now, when DSAI becomes PM, she might have to jilat.

    Forgive????? I don’t think so!!! Its payback time. I hope Kamunting is big enough to accommodate them. If not they can use the million ringgit pig sty in Selangor.

  2. PPb – If I masuk Kamunting, I am going to take you with me and when I crave roast pork, I grill you, ok? LOL. Parts by parts, starting with your fingers, ears, toes…..LOLOLOL

    Bryan – There so festive, I wish I could go to….So fun, got drums.

  3. wah liao… why dun you go… so fun… then take more pic and show us. More ever, lim guan eng going wor..haha!

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