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If Lee Chong Wei wins the Olympic Gold Medal

Malaysiakini also ask the same question…

Fuyoh, I really got sixth sense one….I just read the post from Howsy and true enough…

“I’m a national badminton player. I serve the country and BN is also the government,” said Chong Wei, when asked to justify his presence for Hee Leong’s campaign.

Lucky…I only read the above AFTER I cheered Lee Chong Wei, or else….


Let me predict what will happen if Lee Chong Wei wins the gold medal in the badminton finals in Beijing Olympics 2008…………….

We can expect many Machai running dogs using him and claim glory. Of course, Machais will be used by Armno.

Since Tua Sua Kah (big foot hill aka Bukit Mertajam aka LCW’s hometown) is so near to Matang Poh (Permatang Pauh), then, Lee Chong Wei will bring the Olympic Gold Medal and go Matang Por go canvass for votes. Put him on a 4WD, fly Malaysia flag, put BeeEnd candidate, BeeEnd candidate speako Mandarin and hope the Chinese voters eat out of his hands…..

But let’s not forget the amount of billions that had been spent into building white elephants sports complexes and god know what else purchases, training, officers travelling expenses etc etc. Remember how the Sports Ministry, previously under Azalina screwed us taxpayers? And do you remember how Azalina reacted when people accused of her err…being a les….errr…bian?

Anyway, I am gluing myself to the TV to watch Lee Chong Wei in the badminton finals.

And cilaka, my team lost in the handball. KNN. How to win lah, one team has young school girls who came with their own jerseys and coaches. Another team sipeh kiasu, playing with them, some of my team members kena scratched till bleeding. Lucky I am such a chicken shit so none of those claws chased and clawed me. Somemore, that team players have their husbands as linesmen, cheerleaders, coaches, referee, timekeeper. Yerrrr….ignore me, I am being a sour grape. Niamah. Community my foot! Ahh…si fook sai, rant ended because I cannot rant in real person. Later people say I am not being communal. This is strictly for my blog, ok?

16 Responses to “If Lee Chong Wei wins the Olympic Gold Medal”

  1. your astro mia badminton channel can watch bo? dem… mine like shit!

    tangkss last blog post..Request for company … lol x 3

  2. Can ah, channel 821

  3. ya, but dem blur like raining like dat mia… knn!

    tangkss last blog post..Request for company … lol x 3

  4. I am so nervous that I switch to 5xmom’s channel. hahaha…

    Choonies last blog post..Life is full with ups and downs

  5. No worries about that LCW is losing badly.. looks like he got a bad case of the nerves..

  6. haiya, lost d… and badly tim…

    tangkss last blog post..Request for company … lol x 3

  7. sudah kalah, 1 million no more..

  8. Lost lah, nothing else to watch.

    menjs last blog post..Home equity loans

  9. political or not…i would say KNN to you, for wanting or implying that LCW should lose. He is Malaysian hero….regardless how the politicians going to play it out. can you guys leave politics shit out of sports?

    tomatoincs last blog post..Sunday Prayer

  10. I think LCW is happy with 30k nia. Phew.. lega now.

    Choonies last blog post..Life is full with ups and downs

  11. choonie – Why lega lah? Sad lah.

    tomatonic – Which part did I imply LCW is going to lose lah? You tulan, go find elsewhere go release frus lah. Like Petronas Twin Towers?

    th_c – Lin Dan played a better game and the home crowd too.

    tangks – Hujan lah, my place also kena the disturbances.

    eksk – Usual lah…

    Eh, people do you all see any officials from Malaysia there to cheer ah? Where is the VIP’s bini lah? Last time Tun M time, sure got lots of moral support.

  12. He cracked under pressure. Stakes were too high, home crowd and all.

    Didn’t see any VIPs there. Only saw Josiah Ng and some other athletes/officials. I was there mah.

  13. I got wave at you from my home 14″ black and white TV, you no see me meh?

  14. Change the farking HAPPY meter already. Tiu!!!

  15. Yes grandpa. Your wish is my command. (remember to refresh your screen hor?)

  16. Ohh! i didn’t notice the thing he said


    changing my perspective too

    hueis last blog post..My shorts, traffic jam, doggies, puppies, and supportive Malaysians