In the mood for photos

I forgot if I have mentioned how jinjang I am? When we were in Singapore, they have these traffic lights for those in wheelchairs. So, it is placed very low and I went, “OMG, look! Baby traffic lights, let’s take a picture! So cuteeeee!”


And the boys willingly posed for me. I wonder if the Singaporeans wonder ‘Eh, mana kampung mari ah?’


Then, on one of our highway trips, we found this FUK-i jelly. I actually wanted to photoshop the F to P but just too lazy. But mother and sons did laugh so hard at the PUKI jelly.


Did I tell you my two older sons bought some Nokia handphones? A while back already but I dare not put up this photo. Then, I thought, what the heck. It wasn’t my fault. One of them asked the little monster to do the middle finger pose and then, they bluetooth the photo to each other and to the father’s phone as well. They use it as their wallpaper. My phone is the one on the left.

A couple of weeks back, my sons’ doctor, another parent and I were talking about phones and the two of them showed their kid’s photo wallpaper. Wuah….I dare not show ler. (anyway, no I didn’t use the photo lah)


Talking about bluetooth, my eldest son just sent me the above photo. One look only I already started laughing hard. You all get the joke ah?


I have just came back from mamak-ing. I ate a whole plate of rice at 12 midnight. And drank Fart Tea. So, I think I can stay awake till 7 am already. (Fart Tea = any drinks with ginger in it, sure to make you fart)

8 thoughts on “In the mood for photos

  1. Pisang AWAK, bukan pisang saya mah…

    Siapa mau jual….dua ringgit enam puhsen sekelo…Mari, mari, siapa mau jual pisang kasi saya?

  2. So, after the fart drink, you really stay awake whole night? So, how you going to play your handball? Sleep through the game ha? hahaha… Wish you good luck and hopefully you will not get smack by the ball. wahahaha…

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