A picture I hope to see more often (of Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz)

The above photo is from Susan Loone‘s blog. She was there on nomination day at Permatang Pauh and took the picture of Lim Kit Siang with Nik Aziz. I don’t know about other cynics but I would love to see such photos more often.

I get all ‘Happy Merdeka fuzzy-wuzzy feelings’ when I see these two veterans, Lim Kit Siang of DAP and Nik Aziz of PAS sitting down together, chatting.

Let’s have faith. Come 31st August, 2008 we will really have something to celebrate.

7 thoughts on “A picture I hope to see more often (of Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz)

  1. I wonder who’s the incorrigibly fuzzy-wuzzy one – you or me, Lilian! Watching scenes of Nomination Day at Permatang Pauh and seeing the ENERGY & OPTIMISM surging through the Pakatan Rakyat crowd (must have been at least 50,000!) I found myself fighting back tears of joy… {sigh} I’m so glad I didn’t migrate when so many of my friends did 20 years ago, because they couldn’t stand Mahathir anymore!

    Antaress last blog post..A Fragrant Flower Blooms on the White Tree

  2. michael – No need lah, fix a date for me with his son? Hahaha *laffs till fall off chair*

    antares – Let’s roast marshmallows, drink cocoa and eat cotton candy?

  3. Ah Lian I also got pic taken with son and got his autograph too … Am sure they will turn into Diamond ( meant the autograph paper ) in time to come … LOL … If more of this get together and tolerance are shown by all … then there is still hope for MALAYSIA !

  4. You also ah! When I first saw this picture at one of the blogs(forgot which one), I find myself smiling and reminiscing our school days where all of us(Malay, Chinese, Indians etc)can play, talk and eat together in the school canteen…….those were the good old days

    I hope in the very near future, our next generations will be able to do that too…..

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