Does the sight of beautiful maternity clothes make you want to get pregnant?

This is so unfair. Twenty years ago, when I first get pregnant, the only type of maternity clothes we get were like your grandma’s curtain, gunny sacks or canvas tents. I wonder what gives them the idea that it is pretty to wrap up a whale in ribbons, frills and flowery designs? Urggghhhh…..I feel cheated! I demand my money back!

When I look at the latest designs of Maternity Clothes, I wish can I can turn back 20 years in time and start to produce babies again.

Just look at the photo of the Habitual maternity jeans which is so fabulous. It can expands as your belly grow. With such beautiful designs like Juicy Couture Maternity, one can get pregnant over and over and over again without feeling like a baby whale. No wonder every Hollywood celebrities are getting themselves pregnant like acquiring a new trend.

Maternity Dresses like those shown on the link I provided makes a woman even hotter when she is pregnant. Of course, some women glow and radiate when they are pregnant. The pregnancy hormones give bigger boobs, something many women do not have when they were not pregnant. A few of my girlfriends said that the bonus of getting pregnant is to discover cleavages that they previously do not have. If you are one of them, do make sure you reward the new found boobs with a nice maternity lingerie. Take a peek! Don’t be shy.

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