Leave Britney, I mean Saiful alone!

Bwahahaha….I can’t help it. When I read that Pak Lah asked us to leave Saiful alone, this video just cannot get out of my mind!

Taken from Malaysiakini

PM: Leave Saiful alone
Athi Veeranggan | Aug 17, 08 10:47pm
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today urged all parties to leave Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan alone following the latter’s swearing upon a Quran on Friday that he was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

And 5xmom will help by telling everyone to :

Farking leave Saifool alone. *sobsssss* He has sweared on the Holy Book. *snorting nose with green hingus* Farking leave him alone! He is a victim! *slaps chest* Farking leave Saifool alone! *snortss*

P/S : If you want to read my real thoughts on swearing, I have written about swearing on the holy book here.

9 thoughts on “Leave Britney, I mean Saiful alone!

  1. My foot! leave him alone? Then why he go blast Anwar? Means he wan popularity lah… Knn… Leave him alone.. i say leave the citizen of Malaysia alone with all the nonsense created by BOH NOW MP!

  2. niahkong tell me about it! when i read this dnews in malaysiakini my BP shot up 200 points and i felt like wringing the brain out of this pm of ours!!!

  3. sooi2 – Yalor, show me another person which found favours with both PeeEm and DeePM. Such protective, maternal, endearing fondness for him worrr….I jeles leh. How does one gain that kind of sayang-menyanyang-ness ah?

    th_c – Like as if he doesn’t have other pressing issues to deal with, go protect a young man like dat.

    Jarod – Yalor, leave us alone, leave us Malaysians alone! We need a regular life, not tabloid kind.

    pablo – I think anyone who can do a copycat of Leave Pak Lala alone, sure become kroni. Real mah, leave him alone. Actually, no need. There are plenty of such morons on my old post who protected him. One scolded, leave Pak Lah alone. You think easy to manage a country? Go back if I don’t like Pak Lah. Just Google Warkah Untuk PM, you can find my old post liao.

  4. hahahha… you think pak lah as dramtic as that fella meh… lol! if najib it’s a different story. what stakes pak lah got hre, he going off already what not worth the fight

  5. at least the deepeem said something “less stupid” like it’s up to muslims to judge ah fool’s swearing by the quran act. but this one “leave the victim alone, we should focus on the accused instead” really makes me lidah kelu. KNNCCB, it’s like this country got no more perlembagaan dan kedaulatan undang undang one isit??! ptooi!!

  6. Ini Saiful mesti ada buat salah yang sangat serious ni sampai Kitab Alquran pun dia dah tak menghormati. Tapi selalu nya orang kalau dah banyak dosa apa dia peduli Quran ke tidak. Kalau itu Anwar pun betul meliwat Saiful tentu dia pun sama sama dah sumpah atas Alquran. Tha Quran will become so meaningless to him if he has done such a great sin like meliwat.

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