My handsome baby grand-nephew!

My nephew’s wife, Mich just uploaded photos of her new baby on her Facebook. Oh boy, have all babies gone smarter and brainier or what? You are looking at days old baby here. The eyes are already opened and looking so smart.

So, everybody, please welcome baby G! Born 3.01 kg. Huge baby.


I was about 10 years old when my nephew (father of this baby) was born. I still can remember the face and baby apparently doesn’t look like my nephew. More like the mommy. You notice the photo next to the baby? That’s the baby’s mommy.

One feature I noted about the baby’s mouth. He has this sharp curve, which I know my mom would say, “Very clever to ‘teng chui’ or in Hokkien, ‘in ua’ like a lawyer.” Hahaha.

Again, welcome to the family, Baby Adriel!

9 thoughts on “My handsome baby grand-nephew!

  1. sweet jasmine – Wuah, we too sama-sama grand-yee-poh title liao.

    choonie – Thanks!

    kadusmama – Don’t believe me, hahaha. Now I think they say got ‘pearl’ means good luck wor. Yerrr…my memory fails me liao.

  2. Congrats!!! Status elevated liao!!!

    Quite uncanny, how babies tend to look like their parents’ baby picture? šŸ˜›

    Anyway he’s got quite a lot of hair… šŸ˜€ In my family, all of us come out with spiky hair.. Kekeke… Macam samseng…

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