The mainstream media doesn’t seem to geddit. Maybe they do geddit it as an individual but their are still tied down like a kerbau by the company aka the political parties who are the big bosses.

They should realise by now that their readers don’t buy their lies anymore. The result of the 12th General Election has proven that their propaganda failed miserably.

However, they are still at it. They keep harping to us how great Barisan Nasional candidate in Permatang Pauh is. They showed us the honourable man (like dohhh) standing, knee deep in flood water, supposedly caring for the poor mak ciks stranded in their kampung houses. Eh, we don’t buy these kind of images anymore lah. No big deal lah. You think we forget how bad governance and administration have caused all the bocor lah, the broken highway lah, the major flood in Johor lah (while the PM went yatching) and etc?

Then, they keep telling us how marvelous this man is because he can speaks Mandarin and some other dialects. Eh, very special meh? All our Chinese politicians not only can speak Bahasa Malaysia, they also fought for the Malays, Indians and others. Lim Guan Eng went to jail because he wanted to defend a Malay girl. Try to find something or someone greater to impress us, yo. Moreover one single Chinese speaking Barisan Nasional candidate cannot wipe clean the ‘Babi Cina’ hurts in us.

As what I know, the Permatang Pauh election results depend heavily on the Chinese voters. BN should know that we Chinese don’t care if the candidate is really a gay, an ahkua, a real man or what. Sexual preference is not a sin to most of us. Chinese look for performance and delivery of promises, their own pockets and the rest comes later. But we do care when a Chinese looking beautiful lenglui got bombed and we cannot get any decent answer and justice. So, BN is making a mistake of putting the wrong person in Permatang Pauh. I am saying this for the benefit of BN. They should hire me as their political strategist. LOL.

Another thing, BN is in deep shit because they cannot find any Chinese politician from the component parties of Gerakan or MCA who can ride into Permatang Pauh on a white horse and woo the Chinese voters without getting pelted with rotten eggs. Can you imagine that? What a total failure that is? I was trying to think of one Chinese politician from BN who is qualified enough to change my perception but I just cannot think of any.

While I am at it, please tell our DPM don’t treat us like little kids. I am farking tulan when I read in The Star that he is using the stupid petrol price to bribe us. I feel like pouring petrol on them all and light a match. Come on lah, DPM. You can reduce the petrol price. But do you think that all the hawkers are going to reduce their food prices? Do you think all the prices of basic foods like rice, flour and etc are going down as well? No. The damages have been done. You can reduce the petrol price but you have already caused a huge price increases on everything else. So, keep your few cents, please. We are not fools.

Anwar Ibrahim can talk about the petrol price because he was not the devil advocate in the prices. So, he could use it as his bargaining tool. But BN cannot use it because BN Government is directly responsible for it. Wake up, PM. Don’t fool us with cheaper petrol price because you cannot reduce the prices of electricity, foods, transportation and etc. We are not bodoh, PM.

Therefore, without any doubt, I am very sure voters in Matang Por are going to vote like what they had voted in the 12th General Election. They are voting for change. This time, they mean business because the very thing they want to change did not change yet. And come August 26th, they will do it. Hmmm…should I go to Permatang Pauh on August 26th to join the festivities? Do you know that PKR even provide a special spot for bloggers, complete with wifi? Canggih or not? (oohh..if Tian Chua is there, I want to go!!! My #2 hero!)

I read it from Susan Loone’s blog.

I noticed Keadilan was very well equipped with a wifi connected media centre for journalists this time. This centre dishes out information about Anwar’s whereabout every day.

“I must salute them. The BN isn’t well prepared at all this time. I called them up for information on Arif Shah’s whereabouts and they told me to call them back at 1am. Can you imagine that?” said a senior female journalist from The STAR.

For me, I was only too happy to find a spot for blogger(s) with my blog’s URL pasted in one corner. If you are a blogger and you tell them u need a spot, they’ll do the same for you 🙂

Conclusion – BN shouldn’t take us rakyats as morons. We were not impressed with your propagandas during the 12th GE and our stance have not changed.