Notes to the Debat Lim Guan Eng vs Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon is over here.

First, I read from Fong Po Kuan’s blog that our silver boy Lee Chong Wei is back home and guess where he goes? To Parliament so that the Government can get him ready for mascot duty. I have Fong Po Kuan’s post on my earlier rant on Lee Chong Wei.

Next, keep tomorrow night free and make a date with Lim Guan Eng and Koh Tsu Koon. I read somewhere that the debate will be aired live over TV9 at 9 pm. The title is :
Kisah Benar Kontroversi Tanah di Pulau Pinang
(The True Story Behind the Land Controversy in Penang).

So, who do you think will be a better debater?

Let’s see…

Spectacles – Both also got thick-thick glasses.

But CM Lim spectacle is a little bit modern, rimless than our very nerdy ex-CM’s thick-thick frame spec.

Hair – Both passed the nerd and geek style. You know lah, debaters are supposed to be like that mah. But CM Lim’s brylcreem (how to spell ah?) hair shinier.

Fairness – Both also fair, another nerdy brownie point.

Fashion – Both also cukup-cukup conservative style.

Expression – CM’s Lim has more expression and his hands move more.

Voice – Ex-CM Koh wins 100% because he got the baritone voice but CM’s voice more ahpek (but then, he probably has a hoarse voice because of too many ceramahs).

Pronounciation – Ex-CM Koh’s BM more articulate.

Handsomeness – Both also half fight, both also boh en tau leh. But ok lah, cincai give CM extra marks because he actually a bit more handsome than square head Koh.

However, in terms of guts, charisma, power, fire, wit and oomph, definitely CM Lim Guan Eng wins the debate.

(this post is only for SEO purpose lah)