But what’s wrong with Avril Lavigne!?!

Just because she has cat’s eyes? The Cleopatra style of eye make-up?

As far as I know she doesn’t wear too revealing clothes. If Gwen Stefani can come to Malaysia, why not Avril Lavigne?

Quoted by malaysiakini

Dalam laporan NST hari ini, Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan (KeKKWA) telah membuat keputusan tidak memberi permit untuk penganjuran konsert Avril Lavinge pada 29 Ogos ini kerana ia tidak sesuai dengan budaya di Malaysia.

Rafidah yang juga naib presiden 1 Gamis, menegaskan bahawa konsert itu tidak perlu diadakan dalam bulan kemerdekaan atau di luar bulan kemerdekaan.

Bagaimanapun kata beliau, pihaknya tidak menyalah konsert tetapi artis yang mengisi konsert tersebut hendaklah ditapis oleh kerajaan atau mana-mana pihak yang membawa artis tersebut.

“Konsert tak salah, tapi orang itu (Avril) kita tak berkenan,” kata Rafidah.

Ok, the reason the Ministry gave is “tidak sesuai dengan budaya di Malaysia.” So, you mean they want us to stick to the Malaysian culture? Then, does this means that we will forever not get any more imports?

I must warn my readers not to get too rude or say anything that has sensitive elements. Please don’t drag in any political party, races or religions into your comment.

But I think our Government has lost the plot. They are trying to please everyone. It is like the story of the old farmer, his son and the donkey they are selling. Last last semua mampus tenggelam mati.

I think each of us must start to speak up before they start dictating what we can see and cannot see. I personally find it very patronising of them to do this to us. For example, the Catholics lawyers have stood up to the Home Ministry over what we can read and cannot read. Wong Chun Wai is also pissed with this over-the-top, holy-moly, moral policing already. However, I don’t agree with him attaching the sinister moral policing to only one single political party.

It doesn’t take a fool to realize that the tickets to Avril Lavigne concert is very, very expensive. Not everyone can afford it. Not me. So, how many people can be influenced? And they have to face the fact that there are millions of things more damaging to our budaya than a single singer. To all the parties who are against this, please open up your eyes and see. There is none so blind as those who refuse to accept the fact that our youths are constantly living in the filth of porn on the internet, Western cultures through the media and all sorts of moral decay. But should we be afraid and keep running away or shielding them? No. Equip them with basic good values and they won’t be influenced.

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  1. Dang…and I was just about to blog about this too and give a really good bashing to those idiots. But you beat me to it. Oh well. Anyway, Avril very, very bad influence lar. Don’t you know? Her very mere presence could cause our youths to go crazy with horniness and start going around raping women, or worse influence our young girls to start dressing like her and start singing on stage.

    Foongs last blog post..People should not be so easily bought over

  2. Have they ever respected the other 12,000,000+ Malaysians’ rights? What on earth they have the right to decide what is “too sexy” or not “too sexy” on behalf of other 12 million more (12,000,000+) Malaysians in Malaysia?

    We have a brain to think, to act on our own responsibility. Don’t always applying their own MORAL values on other and forcing other must practice as what they are practicing.

    NO one can force them to buy a ticket and watch the concert.

    It is really hard to believe thousands of people will have their religious faith change, or start to take drug, or be a robber, or cheating to their partners after watch her concert.

    KJ Lims last blog post..Other Malaysians have their rights too 02

  3. Sad, was planning to go for the concert. Dont understand why the government wants to pretend like as it we’re such a decent country when you can easily ppl like Avril xpecially at BB.

  4. Avril Lavigne’s dressing is SOOOOO wrong but cross dressing by the SIL is fine.

    So, girls, dont dress up like Avril but boys can go cross dressing. Woo hoo!!! MALAYsia Boleh!!!

  5. Just a passer-by. Excellent post…I am so taking your side!! Same things happens in my U as well…How pathetic! The mindset of this group of people are simply not making any sense to me. There was a case here. It’s like they were trying to sabotage and disrupt a band competition in the campus. They commented that this kind of entertainment is sort of overindulgence and the invited artists may be overexposed in dress. This is so not the way to curb moral decay. They should focus particularly in the education to spread the awareness to enable the youth to do rational judgments. While for Avril case, ajaran sesat..haha…a little bit yes, but then I personally don’t find it of any problem, after all it’s just a make-up nia!
    Well, one of the hot topic in Malaysian Government: sodomy by politician. I am not to say whether it’s true or otherwise. But this certainly have bad impact to people. They are pretty paradox!
    We won’t go far if situation like this continues. May one day Malaysia is no longer leading the Third World as of now.

  6. eh, the most is you don’t allow non-muslim to join la…wat the fuss… well, she is a decent girl. The Rafidah is not that decent lah… haha

  7. Der…. they got some problems with avril’s clothing????? take a good look at our own stars’ clothings laaa….. then compare… which one is better?

  8. eh.. even some of the muslim also never wear tudung.. including those datin-datin.. consider bad influence aso ha..

  9. so, ‘they’ think ‘they’ are better than us, knowing what’s ‘best’ for us… what next?
    nationwide curfew at 9pm?
    at least they could allow the concert to proceed within certain stipulated ‘guidelines’….. the last time i looked at the calendar, the year shown was ‘2008’…..unless (tune fr the twilight zone)

    JTs last blog post..New dawn

  10. Classic case of Katak bawah tempurung scenario or better yet not coming to grips with reality.

    Hmmm, I know most of you may ‘secretly’ 🙂 stumble upon some headlines that look like this Avril Lavigne concert cancelled Read paragraph 3.

    So how many of you actually are interested in the Tilawah that’s being broadcasted on RTM1?

  11. You know… they do this our own Malaysian artists too… I still remember that they banned a KRU concert once cause it was called ‘KRU-mania’ because the word mania is not in keeping to our culture!!! I was a teen then and I had never felt more insulted.

    And what is wrong w Avril??? She is never known as a sexy, shake-my-booty-in-your-face sort of artist, is in a happily MARRIED relationship, has a baby even w a man who is.. get this… actually her husband! so what is so not in keeping w our culture??? Because in our culture woman don’t wear eyeliners?? Because our culture woman don’t sing rock music?? So those idiots will be sending a letter to Ella soon to ask her to migrate cause she’s not in keeping w buday Malaysia?

    You know, why do we keep letting them to do this to us? Why do we let ppl who probably on a frequent if not daily basis do alot more ‘immoral’ things than watching a rock concert? I am so angry I want to do something. Any ideas?

  12. i personally think that there is nothing wrong with Avril’s personality and her dressing. What the fuss are you all trying to make? it is just a fashion, not so serious that what you all claimed.

    Her dark eye liner is just another way of applying make up.

    “Konsert tak salah, tapi orang itu (Avril) kita tak berkenan,” kata Rafidah. this is the lamest excuse i have ever heard of. wth, What’s wrong with her? She is sexy, by not wearing any revealing clothes.

    Why ban now when the concert is just 10 days away? the gov should disapprove directly when she proposed to make it one in msia.


  13. i see no point arguing with them because at the end of the day, we all know they have no basis to impose such rules. at the end of the day, they can just do what they want with the authority given to them. we have been talking about this since yonks ago, no effect lah.

    let it be and wait for total overhaul.

  14. Ya…I am a BIG fan of Avril and was shocked to hear about this. But I heard that she’s back in their good books again already? Anyway, she’s matured already now…no more Sk8terboi now.

    KittyCats last blog post..Copycat alert!

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