Hairy Khairy

Faster go see hairy Khairy
Look so pretty and merry
In floral dress, so girly
Can nightmare sampai mati
Kulit hitam, bulu macam biri-biri
Masa belum pakai ‘Fair and Lovely’ (a whitening cream)
Tergelak sampai nak terkencing

LOLOLOLOL – Click here

Got the link from Howsy through RockyBru.

Hmmm…should I categorise under Politics or Humour? Ok, both.

Anyway…..I once made up like 7 guys for a surprise party in my company. All the managers level took part in this crazy ‘Miss Leader’ in our company’s annual dinner. No one knows except the guys and the organisers. So, I got to dress them up and applied make-up for them.

I tell you, making up men is so hard. Especially when we have one Indian guy with his bulu-bulu on his face. Though he shaved, it was so rough! I applied like an inch of foundation for him. But being Indian, he has lovely eyes and features.

Damn, looking at Khairy, I now remember the crazy things I did before. The best thing is when the guys were paraded, the employees cannot immediately catch the joke. They were shock, then they realised those are their bosses making a fool of themselves.

It is good fun. Really good, clean fun. But when you are the son-in-law and your papa-in-law make a big fuss over everything, mampus lah. Moreover, if you read the forum link, all the grassroots are out for the kill. Kesian…hairy khairy.

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