Malaysiakini, please give us free access till Permatang Pauh by-election is over

Before the 12th General Election, Malaysiakini granted free access to its news portal for several week so that the rakyats can have a balance views. That has certainly helped us a lot because the propaganda dished out by the mainstream media was totally biased and skewed.

So, Malaysiakini, can you give us free access to the English section of the news again? Please lorrrr…until after August 26th. I am still reading the Bahasa Malaysia version of Malaysiakini because the Maybank atm still refused to accept my payment.

I tuned in to TV3 and kanasai, the craps they show in the news is disgusting. Oh by the way, Pak Lah said blogger Kickdefella is “kurang ajar” for flying the Malaysia flag upside. You can read RockyBru‘s comments here. I won’t fly the flag that way and won’t put the photo on my blog but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the disappointments expressed by Rocky.

Oh ya, our silver boy is going to be Datuk Lee Chong Wei. Nice eh? That’s what the CM of Penang said. Do you notice that Datuk Nicol David also get her Datukship AFTER Pakatan Rakyat rules Penang. I hope Lee Chong Wei will stick to his sportsman image and not become Barisan Nasional mascot.

Watch the Debat Lim Guan Eng and Koh Tsu Koon at 9 pm, NTV7 and TV9.

8 thoughts on “Malaysiakini, please give us free access till Permatang Pauh by-election is over

  1. While LCW deserves some recognition, I think Penang has gone overboard with Datukship conferring stunts… While Nicol may have very well deserved hers, LCW is too young, has not much impressive achievements so far, and has future too uncertain for his own ‘besar kepala’ HONORIFIC title — there’s no guarantee that (Datuk) Lim Chong Wei will serve the country well during many more years to come despite collecting monthly paycheck of no less than RM3K for his remaining living years.

    Personally, I think his coach Misbun Sidek deserves more to be conferred Datukship for his long years of service to the country.

  2. Just finished watching the debate. I think ‘tembak sebelum semak’ is gonna be THE new word to be used by you-all-know which group of people for the next couple of weeks.

    Btw, Lilian no wonder you got ‘crush’ on Sir LGE, he cuts a dashing figure with an affable smile through out the broadcast. None can be said of Tan Sri though, his voice and choice of words actually went up 2 octaves whenever he was aggravated – not sure if any of you noticed… 🙂

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  3. Hafiz – LOL, I hardly see Koh Tsu Koon lose his calm until now. LGE rambut so shiny…………

    NaS – I agree too but then… know lah, by-election, so both parties want to tunjuk influence kut.

  4. see..that day i say already he sure get his datukship title..soooo fast become datuk already..3 days after the game only oh..while our nicol..don’t know how long baru dapat the title..

    Kadusmamas last blog post..Fashions That Hurt!!

  5. Subscribe Malaysiakini to show some support and encouragement for reporting reliable and timely news is CHEAPER then theStar. I boycott theStar for a very long time..only read it free when i’m in a cafe to see how they still in a state of in denial and make up shit to cover up stories.

    Is time to change..BN –> PKR, theStar–> Malaysiakini

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