Boo! Gerakan

Opinions differ from each person because each of us only want to hear what we want to hear. The other night, I know I am biased because whatever I jotted down, I have already formed an opinion and already phrased how I am going to blog it.

Since the debate on the land scams in Penang between CM Lim Guan Eng and ex-CM Koh Tsu Koon was in Bahasa Malaysia, I need to hear in Bahasa Malaysia, translate it in my mind and jot it down in English so that I can type it faster. I was in a rush to go out to join my son’s pajamas party so I didn’t even check what I wrote.

Yesterday, I checked and found just a few typing errors and yes, when I was thinking Tsu, I have the letter S in my mind. I didn’t know that morons see the s and not the whole big picture. The big picture is one crazy blogger who faithfully sit down and take note of every sentences and typed the Bahasa Malaysia debate into English within 30 minutes. (my purpose was to compare how the media twisted words and oh boy, there are….)

If you want to see if what I had noted is correct, you just need to read Malaysian Insider and compare.

I like what Leslie Lau of Malaysian Insider commented :

perhaps the moment which underscored the uneasiness in which Koh found himself in tonight was when he was answering a question on how he thought land administration could be improved.

He said that improving the administration was a continuing process and was an “unending struggle”.

Perhaps that was not quite the answer that should have been given by a man defending almost two decades in power as chief minister.

Gerakan is already wracked by infighting and in much turmoil following the loss of Penang to the DAP.

Its acting president may have to do more than appear on television to regain political support.

So, boo Gerakan. You lost, Tan Sri Koh. DAP Lim Guan Eng under the Pakatan Rakyat won. Somemore, CM Lim wore pink worrrr…..

If you have time, do go over to Susan Loone’s blog and watch the video where former Gerakan leader, Dr. Toh Kin Woon shares why he has to leave Gerakan.

I am so glad that conscience wins. Dr. Toh is a man of principles and I guess his conscience doesn’t allow him to stick around with a party like Gerakan which is not relevant anymore.

I pray we have more leaders like Dr. Toh who supports the cause and not the name, party or person. Dr. Toh has mentioned it earlier that he is supporting the cause of PKR.

We are proud of you, Dr. Toh! You strengthen our faith.

8 thoughts on “Boo! Gerakan

  1. Hi Lillian,
    Do you know that News on NTV7 has a poll on its BM & Eng news network (7pm :BM & 8pm : Eng)? The poll asked whether CM Lim Guan Eng or EX-cm KTK is a better debater. BM polls said over 80% & Eng. polls stated over 90% for your No. 1 i.e. CM Lim Guan Eng is a much better debater than that lousy KTK!!! Even my 8-yr old girl was cheering LGE that nite eventhough she couldn’t understand the gist of the debate!!!

  2. Actually… cannot pick on you typing KSK instead of KSK meh… :'(

    Capitally letter very obvious mah… so tell you lor… >.<

  3. Hoyoyo – Kenot wan…kenot pick on me for picking on you for picking on me also.

    chic see – KTK already started perli my idol the moment he opened his mouth. So, from there onwards, I stopped writing anything smart he said. LOL. I failed as a journalist.

    kadusmama – I beh shiok ppl asking when it is an obvious typing error. That night I was supposed to be with my son in his friend’s 1.2M condo but I sacrifice (for my idol hehehe) and stay home to watch, blog and then, rush off again. Then, I cannot edit my post from my mobile so I si pek geram lor. Somemore they rub it in.

  4. NTV7 polled 91% for this present Penangite and 6% that ex-Penangite.
    How to translate that to GPA for university scores?

    Looks like it’s worse than the boy parading the TV screen who asked for scholarship when the GPA is something 1.xx. Alas, I forgot the last 2 decimal digits

    However, the boy is now more famous than the PM internationally!
    Do you agree?

    So, the Old Chinese saying goes: thak cheh aneh chey oo ami yong?
    better have the degree BTC = Bo Thak Cheh… and you be world famous…

  5. Penang Tionghua – Just now I read one Muslim blogger praising LGE for preaching the forget-what name type of governing people with arabic name, mentioned by RPK before and they respect LGE because he has shown the qualities in fairness, helping the poor without looking at races and etc.

  6. Dr Toh Kin Woon has oftimes ventured into areas where many in similar positions of “power” feared to tread.

    I have much respect for him in terms of his principles and “fearless” attitudes till now.

    A few years ago he advised a university not to take disciplinary actions against some students who went for an inter-varsity “language” debate using their own finance albeit without the institution’s approval.

    The varsity VC snubbed and chided him saying that he should not interfere into the institution’s internal affairs.

    I agree with the expression “internal affairs” if it was a private funded university.

    If it was public funded by the citizens, that it was not appropriate to be “internal” because of public accountability.

  7. Dr Toh Kin Woon … my highest salute possible to you .
    Lets pray and hope those with the little piece of doubt … LEAVE the SINKING BN ship fast … sorry no Titanic encore song for you idiots in the sinking ship … drink more H2o

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