Election – When scoundrels turned angels of mercy

My vocab is very small. I skool no go very much. But when I see shit, I know it is shit. For example, yesterday I was so disgusted to pick up through Malaysiakini a certain ex-ex-MB of a central state in Malaysia who has two Ms in his name. Note the ex-ex MB. Both ex also the same pangsa lah.

What business is it of his to come up north and visit all the sick, handicapped and poor folks? I mean, like doh……

I freaking hate it when VIPs, politicians, celebrities and Miss Universe and all those gila-glamour people do that. They will visit some home, put the hand gingerly on the persons, put on muka simpati and then take LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND SHITLOADS of photos to publish. If you can shed a tear or two, then, you get extra brownie points.

Of course, if you do this with a sincere heart, you don’t have to be angry with my criticism. But more often than not, some of those people are just so fake like Pamela Anderson’s boobs and you can see it from a mile away. This ex-ex-MB, as we know had been lugging money out of the country and pretended he doesn’t read Ingrish and tried to fool the Immigration in OZ.

I am disgusted. Really disgusted with people who take pictures with all the differently abled children especially. Last time, my #4 son was attached to an oxygen tank and when I took him to the hospital, I have to pull a tiny oxygen tank which is attached to his nostrils. I know the feelings of being on the receiving end where people looked at you like a circus freak. Of course, there are some who are genuinely concern but majority are just blardy enjoying the sights. So, I cannot imagine having the photo of their children taken, blogged by an ex-ex-MB who is so gila kuasa and used as an election tool.

I won’t give you his URL but if you go to this Google search, his blog is there. I am glad my blog is also on the first page of the result.

May you rot in hell, all the scoundrels who act like angels of mercy for the sake of their own glory. If all of you have not been so corrupted and didn’t lugged so much money out of the country, most of these hard core poor folks wouldn’t have to suffer so much.

5 thoughts on “Election – When scoundrels turned angels of mercy

  1. Biasalah. Go to hardcore poor family, hold hands, give donations. But the farking thing is, these gestures only happens before an election.

    This is the funny part. After ruling since the 1st election, there are still hardcore poor after 12 farking GEs. This means they were given 12 chances to improve the lives of the hardcore poor but still failed after 12 terms. But the keep using the same gimmick for every election. TAK TAHU MALUkah? Ironic isn’t it? MAK HANG!!!

  2. LGE say he can eliminate hardcore poor in 1 year, I believe him. Because it is not rocket science to achieve it.

    For BN, even work like clearing longkang are rocket science to them. Because those longkang will clog again.

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