I was wrong after all. Lee Chong Wei doesn’t ride cars but fly

It is hard to feel Merdeka-ish. I try not to post anymore for the day. But it is raining and I cannot go to Queensbay. So, here’s another post for those of you who are interested in the Permatang Pauh By-Election.

Few days ago, my cynical side already predicted that Lee Chong Wei is going to be the Barisan Nasional mascot. I predicted :

Let me predict what will happen if Lee Chong Wei wins the gold medal in the badminton finals in Beijing Olympics 2008…………….
We can expect many Machai running dogs using him and claim glory. Of course, Machais will be used by Armno.
Since Tua Sua Kah (big foot hill aka Bukit Mertajam aka LCW’s hometown) is so near to Matang Poh (Permatang Pauh), then, Lee Chong Wei will bring the Olympic Gold Medal and go Matang Por go canvass for votes. Put him on a 4WD, fly Malaysia flag, put BeeEnd candidate, BeeEnd candidate speako Mandarin and hope the Chinese voters eat out of his hands…..

Note that I wrote this BEFORE the badminton final. I wrote in jest and didn’t expect the Barisan Nasional will really smothered our Malaysian hero to such extent.

Sadly, yes. Barisan Nasional has claimed the glory. And I feel sad that it is hard for me to see Lee Chong Wei as a sportsman. Instead, I see him as a mascot for Barisan Nasional.

But, that’s not the end.

Do not abuse gov’t machinery, Najib told
Rahmah Ghazali | Aug 21, 08 6:29pm
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today accused Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak of abusing government machinery in the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign.He said this was particularly evident when Najib used an airplane provided by the Defence Ministry to fly Olympic silver medalist Lee Chong Wei into Permatang Pauh to receive a RM300,000 cheque.”I cannot understand why he (Najib) is using government machinery, for example sending Lee to the Butterworth air-force base.

I am glad that our courageous Chief Minister of Penang dare to speak up about this over the edge heroism (if there is such a word). People from my era will remember Foo Kok Keong. He used to have that fighting spirit where he would play till he vomit by the side, went back and continue struggling. If Lee Chong Wei had put up the same performance that night, I would overlook this over the top honouring for this young man. But I am sorry, he doesn’t deserve this kind of heroic welcome.

I am sure many of our Malaysians paralympics too have struggled with their fighting spirit for the glory of the country. But can you name any paralympics? I guess not. Why? Because our stupid country failed to see sportsmanship, fighting spirit and all those good things that we should associate with sports.

And my adoration for the CM went up another notch. Not that it can go further lah…

Lim said he used his own private car when he went to Permatang Pauh to campaign.

“He (Najib) represents the government, I also represent the (Penang) government but when I go to Permatang Pauh to campaign, I use my private car rather than my official car,” said Lim.

“We have to draw the line between public purpose and private purpose. If we cannot make that decision, we are just encouraging money politics,” he said.

(all quotes taken from Malaysiakini through another blog because I don’t have access to Malaysiakini)

It is disgusting.

10 thoughts on “I was wrong after all. Lee Chong Wei doesn’t ride cars but fly

  1. We are just plain spoiling our sportmen/women.
    There should only be prize for no. 1.
    This is the olympics for shit sake, only gold matters.
    If he want to try his best, better just stay at home for sukma and all those other useless shitty games.
    Setting a precedent for giving out prizes cum 2nd places will not encourage any sportsmen/women to fight like kok keong.
    Hidup Foo Kok Keong !

  2. LCW may be a Be End supporter for all I care but I am outraged that a government plane is used to fly him up north. This is sheer abuse of government property!!

    If Be End politicians are prepared to abuse government property for their sake of holding onto power, just imagine how much more abuses there could be out there…

    pablopablas last blog post..$100 Up For Grabs!

  3. I remember what Lucia from Peanut once said ‘Winning is not everything. It is the only thing.’

    LCW came in second. BN going to come in second. So it is match made in heaven. Lol

  4. actually bn steal the idea from you only, they all where got so creative 1, eat already wait 2 shit. ‘hairy’ your fansee ma, drop by here so many idea, jst copy your prediction, modify a bit, voila. can claim copyrite from them ah?

  5. anoni – Yakah, hairy my fansee, like dis I must praise Arm-no and hope to be crony. Later Ng Yen Yen old liao, I take over.

  6. dun be so harsh on the kid… only god knows how hard he has been training himself for the olympics. His speciality is sport not politic, to expect him to hav his own say will be suicidal to his career.

    JTs last blog post..New dawn

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