Pak Lah, you cannot buy our hearts with 15 sen

I just came back from Sungai Dua and was grumbling in the car how expensive a piece of ban chean kueh is now. RM1.70 for a piece and it is just the basic coconut and brown sugar pancake.

Then, I was ranting that the suffering is not the rich folks because we get our RM650 rebate (which by the way, I have claimed for my cars and my son’s bike) and petrol price is insignificance to us. The suffering ones are the poor because every basic necessities have increased prices. They are the one without car and yet have to suffer.

So, I was saying that Pak Lah said there will be no reduction in the price of petrol until after August 31st. I was thinking that Pak Lah is not going to buy our votes with the miserable 15 sen.

But when I reached home, what do I see on Malaysiakini?

Harga petrol RON97 turun 15 sen
Aug 22, 08 5:27pm
Kerajaan mengumumkan penurunan harga runcit petrol RON97 sebanyak 15 sen kepada 2.55 sen seliter berkuatkuasa esok.

Pada masa ini, harga minyak petrol RON97 adalah RM2.70 seliter.

Manakala harga runcit petrol RON92 akan dikurangkan sebanyak 22 sen iaitu daripada RM2.62 seliter kepada RM2.40 seliter.

Harga diesel pula diturunkan 8 sen, daripada RM2.58 kepada RM2.50 seliter.

Penurunan harga bahan bakar itu berkuatkuasa mulai tengah malam ini.

Kanasai eh, say no reduce and now reduce by midnight.

Let’s all take 15 sen each and shove ’em up the arse of those who cakap tak serupa bikin. Niamah. Stupid or what? Next time want to increase, think properly and do it slowly lah. Skali increase so much and cause every basic food items to spiral and now, want to buy us 15 sen sweets. Think we are kids ah?

26 thoughts on “Pak Lah, you cannot buy our hearts with 15 sen

  1. choonie – Yalor, so fast flip-flop again. Tiu lor, first Najib was bribing the voters. Next Pak Lah said no slashing the price. And now, this one pulak. I don’t care if they reduce to the original price or but I hate being treated like morons. Suka-suka naik so much, cause bas sekolah to increase and the poor parents all so hard to pay for their school children transport etc etc. I often listen to the laments from the poor folks and I feel for them. Niamah, makes me so angry. Can’t they see that the damage has been done?

  2. Hi Lilian,

    recap “Kanasai eh, say no reduce and now reduce by midnight.”

    Ahhh, why you grumble?

    They don’t call him FLIP-FLOP for no reason.


  3. The spinners were saying RM 2.10 ler… šŸ™

    and hor… you see crude oil price reduced to 80% of the highest price already… but Pak lalalalalala only reduce 94% of the RM 2.70 lah…

    No wonder Dr M says Pak lah failed mathematics… aiyoyo…

  4. Aiyoh…dun u know meh…PAK LAH is a big liar… NUMBER 1 IN MSIA! If not south east asia lah…

    btw, after the petrol increase, 15 cent can only but one sweet… haih… wanna BUY peoples heart ah? wait lah… PPL are not BODOH d

  5. Terence – What are you doing here, in front of the PC? Faster go fill petrol lah! Save money mah, then can go mamak and buy one teh tarik. Faster, another few more minutes only, YIPPEE HIP HIP HURRAY, KAMI SAYANG PAK LAH! *uwekkkk*

    Jarod – Really stupid mah hor? Still 35 sen short of Anwar 50 sen mah? So, people sure vote Anwar mah. They dunno how to do bisnes, at least hire a Cinaman and help them how to make untung lah.

    Hoyohoyo – Really lah, this has to be the most stupid idea. We rakyat about to forget the Anwar 50 sen petrol price reduction promise after all the liwat and sumpah, they go dig out pulak. BODOH betul.

    EeeJay – Memang kena long time ago liao. Geram nyerrr

  6. eh Hoyohoyo, can u go check what grade does PAK LAH got for his UPSR,PMR, and SPM maths ah? I doubt he pass it la… SOme more now holding Finance minister post, Manyak Takut lah..

    Aiyoh… Wanna fill at midnight meh… the price wont cabut tml wan lah,,, not that they increase… haha! I rather oi oi lah…

  7. was watching CNN or was it KNN last night… they say fuel price per barrel now sub USB120 but should stabilize at USD125 by November, you think our Finance Dept going to up the price again ar?

  8. 24 hours ago, they say no change until after 31st August because need to monitor, calculate and don’t want to be deemed as influencing PP voters. 24 hours later, they announce reduction in fuel price by 15 cents because global trend in fuel price is downwards (though actually for today, it’s an increase).

    I say, we have a super efficient government which can make multi-billion ringgit decisions within 24 hours. Vote BN!!!!

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  9. i sokong u on this also..!! thought the 15sen is sooooo much meh!!! If only pak lala knows that..maggi price has increased from RM2.50 to RM4.50..all because of the previous crazy hike..the 15sen also cannot cover my maggi expenses oh!!!!

  10. Today is 1st Sept arrrrr …. ooops salah date …
    Useless and the worst PM ever … cant even remember date …
    Go and jump from Merdeka bridge (border with his Kepala Batas seat)
    and hope got strong current … do us a favour … ajak your deputy along … maybe he can use submarine and plonk out in Mongolia …stayed there becos your are the ambassador for Mongolia!(tak kenal mahh so why takut!)

  11. Yearor.. I was shocked too when I heard the news.. Kejap say this, kejap say that.. and everyone knows what’s on his mind..

  12. TNS, think we are what! grr.. inflation now high at 8% and what did the Cheek say in his debate? T.

  13. He is the most impressive Flip-Flop King that I’ve ever seen in Malaysia’s political landscape.

    Not once, not twice, but thrice and then, Pak Lah tells the rakyat to give BN another chance?

    What the fish?

  14. niamah, KNN, really want to curse and swear now. Do you think your ban chean kueh with price of RM1.70 will reduce after RM0.15 per litre was reduced too??NO WAY MAN!!!

  15. Another flip-flop project by Bee Ean… They will say KebeTULAN near August 31st.. Give people chance to balik kampung on cheaper prices…

    But problem is.. Everyone already naik harga ma… You expect them to turun harga also meh??? *sigh*…

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  16. i dont trust this idiotic PM. if he is not sure of something then just SHUT UP. dont say one thing today, and do something different the next day.

    dont mislead the rakyat.

    i’m fed up of this flip flop bodohwi.

    phings last blog post..olympics and politics

  17. reducing 15c of petrol price will NOT buy malaysians heart
    just another tactic to win for the votes before the upcoming election
    just like what najib did to lee chong wei, disgusting!!!

    nobody will buy it anymore!

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