I just came back from Sungai Dua and was grumbling in the car how expensive a piece of ban chean kueh is now. RM1.70 for a piece and it is just the basic coconut and brown sugar pancake.

Then, I was ranting that the suffering is not the rich folks because we get our RM650 rebate (which by the way, I have claimed for my cars and my son’s bike) and petrol price is insignificance to us. The suffering ones are the poor because every basic necessities have increased prices. They are the one without car and yet have to suffer.

So, I was saying that Pak Lah said there will be no reduction in the price of petrol until after August 31st. I was thinking that Pak Lah is not going to buy our votes with the miserable 15 sen.

But when I reached home, what do I see on Malaysiakini?

Harga petrol RON97 turun 15 sen
Aug 22, 08 5:27pm
Kerajaan mengumumkan penurunan harga runcit petrol RON97 sebanyak 15 sen kepada 2.55 sen seliter berkuatkuasa esok.

Pada masa ini, harga minyak petrol RON97 adalah RM2.70 seliter.

Manakala harga runcit petrol RON92 akan dikurangkan sebanyak 22 sen iaitu daripada RM2.62 seliter kepada RM2.40 seliter.

Harga diesel pula diturunkan 8 sen, daripada RM2.58 kepada RM2.50 seliter.

Penurunan harga bahan bakar itu berkuatkuasa mulai tengah malam ini.

Kanasai eh, say no reduce and now reduce by midnight.

Let’s all take 15 sen each and shove ’em up the arse of those who cakap tak serupa bikin. Niamah. Stupid or what? Next time want to increase, think properly and do it slowly lah. Skali increase so much and cause every basic food items to spiral and now, want to buy us 15 sen sweets. Think we are kids ah?