12 years later…you are now a great-grandmother

Let’s see what has happened in the last twelve years….

Your eldest daughter is now a grandma and your favourite eldest grandson is also a father now. Your second grand-daughter is a mommy too. And the other grand-daughter too is going to have her baby soon. Of course, you missed out on their graduations but I believe you are smiling from up above all the time whenever there are celebrations in our house. Well, not bad, huh? 12 years, 3 great-grandchildren.

Your eldest son’s daughter too just graduated from USM. Not just any course but a male dominated electrical engineering course. Pride to the Chan.

Your other son Chan grandkids are studying for a law degree and in college. Oh ya, your daughter-in-law wants to learn to cook perut ikan just like you! See how influential your cooking is?

Then, the second daughter too is now a nai-nai. Your grandson has gotten married! So young but doing well with big house and a good wife. Not long, I think the sister will do the same. And the other two grandsons are either graduated or about to.

Wuah..I think if you are around, you will be the envy of the whole kampung folks for having so many grandchildren, all study high-high and marry nice-nice. It must be your magical touch when they were babies.

And then, it’s my turn. Since you left, I have gotten myself a baby, my #3 son whom you know is “Haiyor, another boy ah? ” but you died before he was born. In fact, he was born 100 days after you died. Then, not wanting to lose out to my sisters, I too have four boys, though one of them must be with you. So, I had three sons after your death. Very productive.

Eldest bro told me that you were mumbling Jeff and Michael’s names when you lapsed into coma and died just after that. I suppose at that point, they were your favourite grandsons (since the rest were much older already). I believed that you did ‘come back’ for a last look by the signs of the things we heard in each of our (me and my sister’s) houses.

12 years now. I don’t think I can say I miss you anymore. But then, my children have you in their childhood memories. They still remember the barley (ab-choo) you cooked. Or the bak moey. Oh ya, your eldest grandson is going to be a cook. Maybe he got the influence from you.

Oh ya, did I tell you that I have turned to Jesus Christ? And so many of your grandsons too? In fact, each of your grandchildren from each of your children, except eldest bro (but I believe it won’t be long) have turned to Jesus Christ too. It is funny how we ended up this way but I believe, with God’s blessings, you are somewhere out there enjoying a good time.


I think the best legacy a person can leave behind is their heirs. And I suppose all of us have done you proud, in one way or another.

So, keep smiling, ma! We can do without you now.

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  1. *pinch, pinch, pinch kadusmama* Yerrr…..everyone tells me that! When one aunty came to my mom’s funeral, she told me I not look like my mother, I look like my grandma too. And I am the only one of all the five siblings who ‘I got it from my mama’. Yerrr……

    angie – Never mind lah, missed the celebrations here, up there choirs with the angels mah.

    Terence – Come, lets’ get drunk over niamahs..?

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